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free-enes-turkey2 A few notes from a slow Monday morning...  - The SEC's weekly awards were back where they belonged this week after a rare shutout for the Cats last week.  Doron Lamb was named SEC Player of the Week after his record-setting torching of Winthrop, while Brandon Knight was named SEC Freshmen of the Week.  You can spend the rest of the day figuring out how that works.   - In the world of the NBA, John Wall returned to the court last night, but couldn't help the Wizards win their first road game of the season.  He did, however, do this.  - Got a lot of money sitting around and not sure what to do with it?  Yes, I'm talking to you, Matt Jones.  Well, Antoine Walker's house is on the market.  It has over 7,000 square feet and probably still smells of a lot of other people's fiancees.  - Bryan the Intern's post about nicknames earlier reminded me of a question that I wanted to pose on the night post the other night.  Is there a better nickname on the planet than Blake Griffin being called "The Poster Child"?  I can't think of one. - If you love college basketball, you'll love the new Twitter account from CBS called "MattJonesCBS".  Make sure you follow it here.  - In case you missed it, Matt made his return to the airwaves this morning and talked all things Cats and Cards with Big EZ.  He even presumed what might happen with Enes Kanter.  Make sure you give it a listen.

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