UK Fan of the Day Wants Afternoon Notes and Podcast

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


This guy really loves Anthony Davis. And Express underwear. I love that he's at least more attractive than this guy. Notes time! -- The biggest news of the morning were Calipari's remarks to Andy Katz about his plans for future non-conference schedules, which he hopes include games against Indiana, North Carolina, Kansas and Louisville. Cal proposed that the four teams rotate two home and two road games each season...that's right: no neutral sites. Now, the odds of this actually happening are slim, and I'm sure Cal knew that when he proposed the idea. But after receiving criticism for what most view as a weak upcoming non-conference schedule and the whole Indiana series fiasco, Cal decided to chest slam the ball into everyone else's court. -- Trinity DE Jason Hatcher's comments about the Kentucky football program created quite the stir this morning. Hatcher, who committed to USC over Louisville and Tennessee on Friday, told ESPN that he cut the Vols from his list because they lost to Kentucky last season and when "you lose to UK, you lose to everybody." Hatcher is the fourth highest-ranked recruit from the state of Kentucky (ESPNU) and his comments highlight the growing perception of the Kentucky program with in-state talent. Hatcher praised Louisville's recruiting efforts, but clearly has no love for his state school. If his comments aren't tacked up on a bulletin board in the Nutter Fieldhouse by now, I'd be seriously disappointed. #motivation -- If you haven't seen it yet, scroll down for the picture of Anthony Davis and Christian Laettner reenacting the stomp. It may be the best thing ever. -- Ever wonder what a map of the SEC schools would look like cut into a cornfield? Me neither. But, one Missouri fan did and shared his creation with the rest of the world: Now I really want to play Tetris. -- Today was Matt and the crew's last day in studio before they start touring the affiliates. Inspired by a fiery call from super football fan Joanne on Friday, Matt and Ryan decided to dedicate the day to positive Kentucky football news. See how they did:

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