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This is the highest UK fan of the day we've had since April 30, 2007. On that day, Michael Sanchez and Jai Lucas were the topics of discussion. My how things have changed... --- It has been a fun day around UK land, reading from people who claim to know other people who think they know things about Shabazz, Nerlens, and Calipari. It all began with Jerry Meyer of Rivals saying he's hearing Shabazz Muhammad will go to UCLA. That could end up being true, but don't believe it until you hear the news come from Shabazz's mouth on April 11th. --- The same goes for Nerlens Noel. We believe he is Kentucky bound, but's Evan Daniels has heard from at least three industry sources saying he'll end up at Georgetown. Like Shabazz, Nerlens will announce on April 11th and we likely won't know anything definite until then. --- And the biggest pawn in today's rumor game is John Calipari. The Internet is full of reports today, as expected, that he'll eventually wind up as the head coach of the Knicks next season. Cal came out on his website and said he isn't going anywhere (although he said that at Memphis too) and everyone needs to ignore the rumors because it's taking away from the joy of UK's eighth banner. I think he'll have to at least listen if the Knicks call, but I also think he truly believes this is the best job in basketball and he's on the verge of creating a game-changing dynasty. I think part of him wants the Knicks job to prove he can do it in the NBA, but chasing UCLA and John Wooden at Kentucky is a much bigger and attainable prize. --- There is a lot of "heard","rumored," and "sources tell me" going on today. It's times like these when I go with the "no one knows what they're talking about" attitude when reading the reports. Everyone is just talking. --- NBA commissioner David Stern wants to raise the NBA age limit from 19 to 20. ‘We would love to add a year," he said. "But it’s not something that the Players Association has been willing to agree to." The NBA would be better off letting kids go straight to the league out of high school and forcing kids to deal with the consequences if they made the jump too early, but that'll never happen because too many millions would be lost on draft busts. --- DeMarcus Cousins scored a career-high 41 points and grabbed 12 rebounds last night for Sacramento in a losing effort to the Suns. Cousins has been outstanding this season and it's a shame he's stuck with the Kings. It would be nice to see him in a better situation where his hard work and All-Star numbers don't go unnoticed. --- Matt was back in Louisville on little sleep for this morning's radio show. Give it a listen...

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