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Today's UK Fan of the Day is picketing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in support of Rush. He appears to be the first in the #OccupyRockAndRollHallOfFame movement but he's wearing a Kentucky shirt so we're proud to say we know him. Keep fighting the good fight and Go Cats! Notes from around college basketball... --- Daniel Orton is finally getting some quality minutes down in Orlando, but sometimes he wishes he had stuck around at Kentucky for his sophomore season. "There's times when I think maybe I should have stayed," he told The Sporting News, "But I never regretted the decision." It would've been nice to have Orton to contribute to that Final Four team, but if he did, would the Legend of Jorts have ever been born? I think there's a good chance Jorts would've been kicked off the team for his tweets early in the season if Orton had been on the roster. --- The story out of Memphis about Josh Pastner's secondary violation is pretty comical. Pastner accidentally tweeted out, "Tony Parker" instead of texting it to whoever he was trying to send it to. That, of course, is an NCAA violation and now he's facing the consequences for the cell phone slip-up. But what's funny about the whole ordeal is Pastner's reasoning for doing it. He says he was rattled because his wife was yelling at him for being on the phone and having the TV too loud when their daughter was trying to sleep. So, now he's faced with the even bigger problem of going home to his angry wife who is all over the news for yelling at her husband. --- Wisconsin head coach Bo Ryan is also in the news today. Ryan is catching heat for telling redshirt freshman Jarrod Uthoff that he can transfer as long as he doesn't go anywhere in the Big Ten, ACC, Iowa State or Marquette. Uthoff, who is from Iowa, is left with only Creighton as an option from the list of schools he was interested in transferring to. It's common for a coach to tell a player he can't transfer to another school in the conference, but restricting a kid from going to 25 schools is a bit much. --- Down in Florida, Erving Walker had to pay a $301 fine for that taco he stole from a street vendor not long after Florida was booted from the NCAA Tournament. As a taco connoisseur, I've done some crazy stuff just to eat a taco, but paying $304 for a street version of a delicious tortilla with fillings isn't something to be proud of. Walker's foot race with several police cars that evening makes it even more humiliating. --- Now that they are no longer student-athletes at the University of Kentucky, the boys who brought you #8 are making their rounds to sign autographs. Darius Miller is touring the state over the next week or two and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be signing autographs and visiting with fans this Friday night at Lexington Sports Cards. He'll be signing from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. This is his first public signing so you can be one of the first to go out and see him. Lexington Sports Cards is located at 169 East Reynolds Road. --- For all you aspiring amateur Kentucky bloggers out there, we're looking to add new writers to for the summer and fall semester. To qualify, you must be a college student (preferably at Kentucky) and send a resume and a writing sample to [email protected]. Entries need to be in by Monday, April 22, and all applicants must be available for an interview in Lexington on Sunday, April 29. Good luck, kiddos. --- Joker Phillips was on the radio show this morning to discuss how his team looks so far this spring. He talked about his team's young talent, replacing Tee Martin, what it's like to recruit at Kentucky, and the expectations of him this season. Have a listen...

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