UK Fan of the Day Wants Calipari One-Liners

UK Fan of the Day Wants Calipari One-Liners

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
uk-fan-of-the-day-february-281 As he has done all season long, Coach Cal set aside some special time for the local media on the eve of his team's basketball game to discuss the issues at hand.  On this day, the topic of conversation was primarily senior Joshua Harrellson, who is set to take the Rupp Arena court tomorrow for the final time.  Given the subject, it's probably not surprising that Coach Cal hit the local press with a few memorable quotes.  Here is what he had to say:  - In talking about the whole "Jorts" thing, Calipari said, "I could see him in jean shorts, frayed. Cigarettes rolled up his sleeve."  Thanks to the wonders of PhotoShop, he might see that tomorrow.  And thanks to the sensitive world we live in, he'll probably be part of some elaborate TRUTH prank by end of week.  - Calipari was also very complimentary of the big man, saying that he wasn't sure if he's ever coached a player who has gotten more out of his physical ability than Josh Harrellson.  He defined that as his "body and skill level and athleticism".  That type of candid honesty makes you wonder what he would have said on Darnell Dodson's Senior Day.   - Expanding a bit on how impressed he's been with what Josh has done this year, Calipari noted that after coming away from Canada, if anyone thought he would be this much of a contributor, they should be drug tested.  Or, maybe Windsor shouldn't have so many bars.  - Cal also gave Harrellson some credit for choosing to stick around when playing time seemed nonexistent and for changing his habits in order to be a contributor.  Cal said that he had a choice to leave or stop goofing off and stay.  Cal said he changed and that's why he's been able to contribute.  - In case his multiple notes of how he uses the media to send messages hadn't been soaked up yet, Calipari said he uses the media like a "wet rag".  I don't know what that necessarily means, but I know it would have been a lot more offensive if Rick Pitino said it.  - With the new polls out today and Kentucky still hanging around, Calipari said that with only a few road wins, they'd be a top-10 team.  He then added, "If we were a top-10, there are a lot of bad teams out there."  Fortunately for the Cats, that appears to be the truth this year.  Calipari also said that he is among those that doesn't think that NCAA Tourament games are "road" games.  Let's hope not. Cal wasn't the only one spitting out soundbites today.  Matt and Zach kicked the week off this morning on Kentucky Sports Radio with some talk about Florida, Jorts and what it was like going "All Access" for CBS.  You can hear today's podcast below.  Check it out.  ***8 hours until Jorts Day

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