UK Fan Schedule For The Weekend; Notes on Gilchrist's Knee and more

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Lot's of recruiting stuff to get to this Friday, so we'll get right into and skip all the banter. There's two HUGE tournaments happening right in the Lexington this weekend and, as the bleed-blue UK fan that you are, attendance is mandatory. I think I've even laid out the schedule so that it would be possible to attend UK's game against Georgia (with CJ Leslie, Quincy Miller and Darryl Hicks, pictured above, in attendance) and also the games that should interest UK fans during the two Lexington tournaments. That's what I'll be doing, so I hope it works. Here's all you need to know about the weekend's events (UK fan schedule highlighted/click the map to location link, plug in your address after hitting get directions and you're set):

Central Bank Classic (Located at Lexington Christian/website/map to location)

Friday, January 8th

7: 30 Quality Education Acad. (NC) vs Mountain State Acad. (WV) (Quincy Miller-QEA)

Saturday, January 9th

5:00 Scott County (KY) vs Louisville Male (KY) (Tamron Manning-Scott County)

6:30 Lexington Christian (KY) vs Clark County (KY)

8:00 Findlay Prep. (NV) vs. Mountain State Acad. (WV) (Nick Johnson, Winston Shepard-Findlay Prep)

Dunkin' Donuts National Shootout (Located at Lexington Catholic/website/map to location)

Friday Jan 8th 2010 ---$5.00 Admission

6:30pm Lexington Catholic Boys vs Wolfe Co. (Boys) (Jaylen Beckham-LexCath)

8:00pm Word of God Christian Academy vs Blue Grass Baptist School (Boys) (CJ Leslie-Word of God)

Saturday Jan 9th 2010---$7.00 Admission

1:00 Walnut Hills Ohio vs Caldwell County (Girls)

2:30 South Laurel vs Walnut Hills Ohio (Boys)

4:00 Beech Tennesse vs PRP (Boys) & UK vs Georgia in Rupp

5:30 Lexington Catholic vs Beech Tennessee (Girls)

7:00 Lexington Catholic vs North Oldham (Boys) (Jaylen Beckham-LexCath) KSR PODCAST!

8:30 Word of God Christian Academy vs Roger Bacon Ohio (Boys) (CJ Leslie-Word of God)

*As an alternative to my highlighted schedule, you could choose to see Word of God on Friday, missing Quincy Miller's only game, and then see Findlay Prep on Saturday. I chose the other only because I recently saw Findlay play in Marshall County Notes:

- Northstar has an update on Michael Gilchrist, wherein they quote a source as saying that the #1 highschool player in the nation will be out 1-2 weeks. If that works out to be true, which I assume it will since the writer for Northstar is highly connected in the Northeast, that would be a very nice ending to what could have been a far worse situation (In the same post, they also have some news on the move of LaQuinton Ross from Mississippi to New Jersey). Later in the night came yet another Gilchrist update about the long awaited official MRI results. The Star-Ledger says that those results should be out by today. Fingers crossed guys.

- On a similar note, here's a highlight video of St. Patrick's (home of Gilchrist and Kyrie Irving) at the recent MaxPrep's Holiday Classic. Fast forward to the around the 2:20 mark for the beginning of Gilchrist's set or watch the entirety with Kyrie Irving highlights at the beginning.

- Here's the latest video of Terrence Jones from the Les Schwab Invitational. On a side note, I recently talked with Jones' mother and she confirmed that both Texas and West Virginia are now on the list of suitors for her son but no visits have been planned yet.

- Anthony Wireman of spoke with Quincy Miller's coach, Isaac Pitts, earlier this morning and confirmed that their entire QEA team will be attending UK's practice today at 2:30.

- Last, but certainly not least, is the news coming from the Chicago-Sun Times that Wayne Blackshear's commitment to UL is a "soft" one. Jody Demling then talked to Blackshear's father, who discounted the rumors. You can make your own call on which side you choose to believe.

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