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missstlady I said no more John Wall Dances, but I liked this one Coach Calipari addressed the Bluegrass last night on his radio show and said a number of interesting things. He mocked the notion from Bruce Pearl that he had a "formula" for playing against UK and he noted that Ramon Harris would be back on the court in the coming weeks. But he also said something that I found interesting, mainly that "99%" of UK fans are happy right now. That made me think about the most common question that I get asked when I am doing radio interviews about UK in other parts of the country. People always want to know, "what will happen if UK loses? Will the fans go crazy?" The assumption is always that it will happen. Honestly I dont believe that will be the case. The UK fans recognize that this team has far exceeded expectations so far. Going into the year, many thought UK could be a contender, but I dont know of many who thought 27-2 was the likely result at this point. I personally saw 6 regular season losses and I think the combination of the maturity of the young guys and the emergence of an absolute force in Demarcus Cousins has accounted for the unlikely success. So if UK loses, I think the fans will be disappointed, but not angry...because this team has brought back the joy to Kentucky basketball. So absent the great run from 1996-1998, can you remember a time that UK fans were this happy? Even during the great run in 2003, there were fans who complained about style of play, etc. Do you agree that 99 percent of fans are satisfied at this point?

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