UK Fans of the Day Are Ready for HARTFORD

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hallwoeenfans Its been a nutty few days in the UK internet world, as things have been crazy. The Cats went to the Music City Bowl, lost and now many have a coaching change (which would lead to a staff change as well...but more on that later). A leading writer for one UK site left to go to another site, and the dominoes are still falling (luckily BTI is safe here). And the UK basketball team went and saw a movie about South African Rugby, a topic I am sure they all were well versed on before the trip. With that as a background, what more can we take? Well we can look forward to tonight's LIVE BLOG versus Hartford at 6:30 pm here on the site. We will talk a bit about Drew's trip down under in Nashville, the interaction of KSR and a Backstreet Boy and of course the game, which is against what might be the worst team UK will play all year. We are also trying a couple of things out over the next few days. We are opening up the comments section a bit, as our Wordpress software is making it virtually impossible for new users to register. Thus you can comment without least until you kids ruin it for everyone. Also, if you are from a local printing company and would like to partner with KSR for some banners and the like in exchange for promotion here on the site, write me at [email protected] We have to get ourselves ready for Gameday in a few weeks. Finally, listen to the podcast...Chip Cosby and the ten year old kids/Hooters Girls talking about Tiger Woods is worth it.

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