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jeffreydonovan The fans above are doing the Wall Dance with someone named Jeffrey Donovan, who is apparently an actor that does tv shows with names like "Burn Notice." I dont know him but someone said he was famous, so why not throw him up here. Some notes: --- It is hard to imagine the national media making a mountain out of a molehill, but we have that again. Thanks to the Worldwide Leader in Bristol, the story that John Wall is unhappy with Calipari has made the rounds. It all started with a simple tweet from Jimmy Dykes, in which it seems he saw the Alan Cutler story on Wall's comments on Saturday. Then came the bundle of joy Pat Forde and Pete Thamel of the New York Times, chiming in and saying to watch out for the developing situation. It was discussed on Sportscenter with Bobby Knight and according to Mr. Tony's radio show, will be a topic on PTI this afternoon. If this shows us nothing else, it is that when it comes to local stories, the national guys generally get them wrong. I am not talking about the Jeff Goodmans, Gary Parrishs or Andy Katzs, who specialize in college basketball. But when the general sports columnist attempts to find "juicy" details, they end up stirring up dust where none is needed. My guess is that now UK will make John Wall available to the media again to clear up the situation and the ESPN generated frenzy will go away. As I have said a number of times on here, you have to see how these interviews go and see context and facial expressions, to really know what a player means aside from just words on a screen. I understand fans sometimes forgetting that, but supposed journalists should know better. Apparently they dont. --- The Cats dropped to #3 in one poll and #4 in another, after the loss to South Carolina. Considering the fact that the other one loss teams have losses to better teams than South Carolina, I have no problem with that ranking. If the tournament bracket came out today, the Cats would likely be shipped out West to play in the Salt Lake City regional...lets hope that isnt the final decision. --- Demarcus Cousins was not named SEC Freshman of the Week, even though he averaged 25 points and 11 rebounds a game for the week. The SEC has officially decided it was tired of giving UK guys the award. That is the only reasonable explanation. --- Sports By Brooks is reporting that an ESPN source says a 96 team NCAA Tournament is a "done deal." I really hope this is wrong...more teams would totally devalue the regular season and make mediocre teams into tournament teams. This would only be done for money and to save coaches' jobs (so they can say they "made the tournament.") Terrible idea. --- Three football players, Randall Cobb, Derrick Locke and Winston Guy all tweeted that the new Rock Oliver football workouts are great and that he is tough, but getting the job done. Rock is a beast. --- Finally, a big thanks to the KSR readers. We hit #1 on college podcasts and #3 on All sports podcasts again today on iTunes in our 13th week of existence. We were only behind PTI and Bill Simmons today, registering our highest week since the first one. You guys are amazing and I still cant get over the size of the Big Blue fanbase. More later today...

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