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wilso They dont have on matching shirts, but they still make UK fans happy...that is our goal. Some notes on a beautiful Wednesday: --- It hasnt reached Patterson/Lucas levels yet, but this whole Marquis Teague thing is driving me crazy. Everyone changes sides every few minutes even though no real news has broken in days. I am feeling Kentucky as the final pick, but that is just me taking the conglomeration of things I have heard, both publically and privately, and making my best educated guess. The most information that I think is reliable points in that direction. I certainly hope so for Kentucky's sake and the ability to put together a national championship team in 2011. But either way, I will be glad when its over. --- Speaking of it being over, John Wall and Patrick Patterson's press conferences have been set. Wall speaks to the media on Thursday at 10 am and Patterson on Friday at 2:30 pm. I hope to attend the Patterson press conference as it sort of comes full circle from our days when he announced. We might cover it via cell phone for old times sake. There is no indication that either player is returning and it will be a good chance for both to have their moment in the sun. --- What is developing is the lack of movement toward an agent from Eric Bledsoe. While his name will remain in through the "testing the waters" period, Bledsoe is a possibility for a return depending on where his stock stands at the end. I was told by a scout today that "no player in the Draft stands to rise or fall more than Eric Bledsoe after his workouts." I wish the kid luck as I know he desperately wants to fulfill his NBA dream. --- Speaking of NBA dreams, Louisville's Samardo Samuels' father said he wants to stay in the Draft if at all possible. The father said they were thankful for what Louisville had done for the son, but it was time to head pro. If the Cards lose Chandler, Samuels, Teague and their dignity (after the arena name), this will be one of the worst weeks in Cards history. --- Apparently 2012 big man Zach Peters committed to Kansas, following in their "big white dude" tradition that dates back centuries. --- Finally, reports are that UK offer Jarrod Polson of West Jessamine a "preferred walk-on" spot after his last pickup games with the team. Polson gives the team a good guard to play against, and a shooter, something that was hard to replicate in practice last year. Below is a compilation highlight video of the kid his Senior season...definitely worth a watch:

Jarrod Polson 2010 Highlights from First String Media on Vimeo.

More later...maybe, unless we are tired.

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