UK Fans of the Day Want 10 Most Important Things for Tomorrow

Matt Jonesabout 8 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wku_vs_uk_mcdowell1 The ladies in Blue defending themselves from the Western blob Tomorrow is a huge day (I don't have to tell you), and so with that in mind, the ten most important things to remember for UK vs WKU: 1. The Game is on ESPNcNews: Chances are you have ESPN News, you just may not know it. If you have Direct TV, turn to the channels close to ESPN and it is there. If you have Time Warner and you have ESPNU, then you have ESPN News as well. Just find them and it will be close. If you have something else, just run around and scream in anguish. But chances are you have ESPN a matter of fact, I am sure of it. 2. Jalen Whitlow will be Big: Tomorrow the chances are very high that Jalen Whitlow plays the majority, if not all, of the game. He now has a year under his belt and is best suited to run this offense with this current makeup of players. HE improved every game last season and Mark Stoops listed the QB position, along with Raymond Sanders, as the MVPs of the team so far. I like Jalen Whitlow and tomorrow, you should too. 3. Wear Blue and Be Loud: Nashville is going to have a lot of red, but I still estimate the crowd will at least be 2/3 UK fans. But the Blue needs to be loud and make their presence felt. Go to the Cat Walk, tailgate all day (be ready for hot temperatures) and when the game starts, give it all you got. 4. Get on the LIVE BLOG: The Live Blogs return tomorrow and we want you on it, whether at the game or not. We have two people at the game, me and Drew in NYC and lots of fun in between. Don't miss it for whatever nonsense you were going to do. 5. Trey Lyles Will End up a Cat: Did I say that out loud? 6. Pray for Our Secondary: The UK secondary is going to be a concern all season. But it is what it is at this point. No new options exist. With the comments earlier today of Cody Quinn, it looks like UK has Fred Tiller, Nate Willis and hope at Cornerback. Be patient with the guys and pray...we will need it. 7. Take the Under: The over/under is 56...its the first game with two new coaches. If you have to bet the game (and I am staying away from it all the play is LSU (-4) over TCU), take the Under. 8. Listen to the New KSR Pregame Show: It will be a new year for pregame with me, Drew and most importantly, Jared Lorenzen. You can hear it starting at 3:30 on WLAP 630 AM in Lexington and streaming online at Join the fun 9. Don't Talk Trash When We Win: We are going to win the game and get the season started on a positive note. But don't respond to the weeks of Western trash talking by engaging in it yourselves. Western is our cousins that knows not what they do. Let's just celebrate them after the game and move on...punch up, not down. 10. Have Fun: If this era is going to be what we think it can, tomorrow is the historic beginning of Mark Stoops' time at UK. I think he is the real deal and am all-in on the Kool-Aid drinking. Enjoy this and watch closely so we can see how far we have come. It should be fun and tomorrow will be one to remember. That is all. Before you go to bed, check out our day today for Tennis Channel on "THE OUTER COURTS" blog. We wrote about cheering against America, tennis taking too long and nipple rash. It was a very KSR day for Drew and me. Otherwise get ready, a Friday night wedding party to get us going on what should be a great 24 hours: BS3V1oRCEAEoPYQ

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