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Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
wallocean Its a beautiful day in the Bluegrass and Cornell is on the horizon. Lets get it going: --- I have done two interviews with East Coast radio stations, and both have tried to argue that Cornell represents a tough matchup for the Cats. Both sets of hosts have used the "Mark Coury was so good he started for UK but can barely get off the bench for Cornell" line that they clearly got from Pete Thamel's New York Times article. It just goes to show you that ignorance runs in packs. --- Chad Ford today said in his live chat that he has Daniel Orton #27 on his NBA Draft board but that "I may have him 10 to 15 spots too low" because NBA GMs love Orton and say he could be in the lottery. If so, you can understand why all the Daniel talk recently seems to have validity. --- The Cornell teleconference took place today and was apparently interrupted by prank callers and thus it ended quickly. Before it was terminated, the Cornell players expressed a lot of respect for the UK bunch and Mark Coury talked about how much he was looking forward to seeing his old friends. Whatever happens, remember that the Cornell players are not the national media and where they are arrogant, doesnt mean the players are. That is an important distinction. --- Some have asked why Kentucky is playing the late game in Syracuse on Thursday. The explanation apparently is that CBS considers Kentucky-Cornell to be the main event game of the night and the late time allows for the largest audience as it incorporates the West Coast. That is the price of popularity. Today I went on my man Bomani's radio show and talked about UK, Cornell, the NCAA and Samantha Ryan and the KSR threats. It is good stuff below: Bomani and Matt on the Radio Finally, KSR's favorite non-UK player is on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Ali Bomaye!: alif<

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