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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
fansuk It is New Years Eve, which may be one of the best holidays going. You get off work, have little to do and there are sports on every channel. Cant beat it. A couple of things: --- Josh Selby, who will be at the UK-Louisville game Saturday, went off and scored a smooth 52 points last night in preparation. The Selby-UK dance has been intriguing to watch from afar this year as UK's interest seems to go back and forth. There was a time that I am convinced UK could have had Selby if they said the word, but they didnt. Now I think they do want him and while they may still be the favorite, they have some work to do. Either way, he is here Saturday and that is big for the Cats. --- I am told that generally speaking, Calipari is very happy with the team effort this week. They have had the "Camp Cal" 3 a day practices and the team is giving lots of effort as they try to make the transition into a team that runs great offense and defense in addition to being uber-talented. Ramon Harris's start on Tuesday was in part due to the effort in recent weeks and as one person told me "he is one of our three hardest workers, along with Wall and Patterson." Pretty great that the two best players on the team are on that list. --- I had begun to believe that the UK fans might have been in a bit of a post-Christmas rut as our numbers were down for a couple of days. But yesterday seems to have woken the beast up. The combination of ESPN's new story, the Chris Johns post on UK football (which was excellent, even though I disagree with some of it) and the upcoming Cards has last night and today packing the house again. --- Just a couple of words on the credential lists that Gary Parrish posted for the UK game. As you can see by the list, it is probably the greatest amount of national journalists at a UK game in a long time. Basically every major college basketball journalist will be there. However there are only 8 NBA teams for the game...that is actually not a lot...there were 9 at the Morehead State game for comparison and 18 at the UNC game. What do you ring that up to? Honestly it is because Louisville has virtually no NBA prospects. --- I will be on WHAS 840 AM with Terry Meiners from 3:30 to 4 pm today talking about UK-UL and all the big parts of the rivalry. This is always a great day to be on there as UK and UL fans call in and make their case for their teams. Tune in if you can. We will have a ton of stuff all day...stay safe if you go out.

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