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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cats It is an exciting afternoon around these parts as our radio show debuted on 1080 AM this morning and news is flying fast and furious this afternoon. Some notes: --- Both and released their 2011 rankings today and there were some consistencies and some differences. First, all Kentucky commitments were in the top 6 in both ranking systems. If one believes in a tier-based method of evaluating recruits (as I do), this showcases that there is a difference between those in that top 6 group and those below (all but one player is in both groups). Rivals ranked the UK guys in this order: Teague, Gilchrist, Davis...while Scout went Davis, Gilchrist, Teague. The conclusion? UK is about to get three great players. --- One person who was surprised by the rankings is Mike Gilchrist. Gilchrist dropped from #1 to #5 and then tweeted his thoughts on the demotion: Hahaha this is soo funny.. Just got to work harder If one has to react to disappointment, doing it by deciding to "work harder" seems as positive reaction as any. --- Another UK guy took a bit of a hit as Rajon Rondo was cut/quit from the US Olympic team. One has to assume that the "withdraw" decision was likely forced upon Rajon as some of his comments suggested he was surprised by the decision. Rajon's game isnt exactly suited for the International rules (due primarily to his lack of an outside shot), but his ability on defense and the pressure he creates struck me as a perfect fit for this team. Plus he is probably the second biggest NBA star on the team behind Kevin Durant, so the decision is somewhat shocking. And as far as Coach K making it...well another reason to have UK fans mad at him. --- Look tonight at 9 pm for some info on the Enes Kanter eligibility situation, as we go into some detail on why there is a holdup at this point. Unlike the Daniel Orton story, this one is a sure go and gives some nighttime reading. And as for Orton, the reason I never wrote the story is I received information that changed my overall thesis. One day we will dive more into the details, but not until I feel more sure of why I believe he had the problems at the end at Kentucky. Such discretion is not only the better part of valor, but unfortunately is part of trying to be responsible. --- Big news for UK fans today as Tom Leach will also have a radio show on 1080 AM, which is quickly becoming UK's home in Louisville. He will be on from 9 am-10 am and then go directly into our show. His show begins on Monday and he will be on with me tomorrow to talk about his new gig. Also Mark Krebs will be in studio for all two hours tomorrow. It should be a lot of fun. Midnight tonight is the final chance to apply to be a KSR intern. [email protected] and include a resume and reason why we should pick you. You need to be in Lexington or Louisville and available to work on tv, radio or podcasts. More all day...and check out Enes info at 9

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