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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
maryallison Two days before the Cats play Western and the football news is unfortunately non-existent. We do know Western has a fast Running Back, but besides that, there is little to say. Basketball chatter however still exists: --- This morning Jerry Tipton wrote an article in the Lexington Herald (here is the link to the Salt Lake City paper's version) in which he called a number of prep schools who said they had stayed away from Kanter because they thought he had been paid by a pro team. What Jerry fails to say of course is (a) that occurred during a different rule system, where for every one game you played as a pro, you sat out one in college and (b) this was under HIGH SCHOOL, not COLLEGE rules. The current NCAA rule where you can have played professionally so long as you didnt take a salary is not the rule in high school. Thus a high school with a "zero tolerance" rule wouldnt have the same standard. Of course to understand that would require diving into the issue with some degree of substance...Tipton decides instead to simply call coaches and say essentially "they wouldnt take him, but Calipari did." --- In other sloppy journalism news, I am told that the Turkish GM interviewed by Pete Thamel doesnt speak English. Most newspapers have a requirement that if you interview someone who speaks through a translator, you must note that fact in the story. Thamel didnt do that in his piece. While that is not a huge deal (as a matter of fact it isnt even all that important), it does showcase an overall sloppiness to the story that continues to become apparent. --- We still dont know yet where the Kentucky game vs Western will be shown in Louisville, but I am told that it will be on television. As far as the other markets in Kentucky, here they are as of now: Lexington: Channel 14 Bowling Green: Channel 5 Northern Ky: Channel 99 and 422 We should know Louisville and Evansville by tomorrow. Until then, also know that the game will be on ESPN3 on your computer, which you can get if you have internet through Insight. If you havent used ESPN3 yet, you is crazy good. --- The Eric Bledsoe report by the independent law firm investigating his transcripts is scheduled to come out either late today or tomorrow. When it comes to evaluating the credibility of Pete Thamel, that report will be very interesting to study. More all day today and remember on Saturday we will be doing our first FOOTBALL GAME LIVE BLOG here on the site. More later.... enes

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