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fanspool Its a beautiful day in the Bluegrass on this Wednesday and for the first time in ages, my house is lets get to the notes: --- The big news today is that the Midnight Madness campout has begun. We had some pictures earlier of the crowd, but are looking for many more this afternoon and evening. I hope people will email shots of the players visiting tonight and the overall crowd, because it is one of the cooler fan events of the year. I will be there tomorrow and have a prize for the most creative sign that we see hanging from one of the tents, so lets make it good. It looks to potentially be a bigger crowd at this point than it was at this point last year, which is really unbelievable. And someone rented a "Free Enes!" all in all, typical Big Blue Nation limoenes --- If you are someone who cant get enough John Calipari video interview action, then you probably want to check out this link here of an interview that Calipari did with the SEC Insider lady Abby Chin. She is attractive and Calipari is it works out well. --- Is it just me or didnt Mitch Barnhart say that he was going to rework Calipari's contract a few months ago? Did that happen? --- If you havent been following the radio show (and if that is the case, you really only have yourself to blame), we have been talking about our suggestions for new football entrance music for the Cats. We spoke with some folks at UK, who said that if we suggested three songs, they would consider using them for the South Carolina or Georgia games. We have had a number of selections on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, etc and today on the radio show, we narrowed them down to these six below. Figure out which one you like best and vote in the poll to the right....the top song selected from Twitter will join the top song from Facebook (which will be Eminem's song, which is why you cant vote for it) and one wildcard selected by me. Take a chance and LISTEN to these songs before you vote...some (like the DMX Mike Tyson song) you may not know...but picture the team coming out to it and see what you think. Then if you get a chance listen to the radio show at the bottom of the page for the show included laughs, tears and lots of music (for real on all three)...just like any sports show would: A. DJ Khaled - All I Do Is Win B. Fort Minor - Remember The Name C. Kanye West - Power D. Nelly - Here Comes The Boom E. Eminem - Not Afraid F. DMX - Tyson Mix More later today and hopefully more snapshots from Campout as well....

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