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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
transy Its a beautiful day in Kentucky as the Cats move closer to a battle with Auburn (less than 1,000 seats remain) and the college sports world celebrates the move of Dave Telep from to ESPN. We bring some notes for your viewing pleasure: --- The statistic that hurts the most on the football side of things has to be the inept Red Zone Defense shown by the Cats this year. During the first five games, Kentucky has allowed the opposing team to enter the Red Zone 16 times. Of those 16 possessions, ALL 16 ended in scores. 13 touchdowns were completed and three field goals. Even worse, over the last two games, the opposing team has been in the Red Zone 12 times and ALL 12 HAVE BEEN TOUCHDOWNS. This puts Kentucky last in the NCAA for the statistic....not good. --- If you havent yet seen Mike Decourcy's article on Enes Kanter's father is a must-read. In it, Kanter fights back and the characterization of his son in the New York Times and makes the point that Enes turned down a chance to play for the Turkish national team this year because it could harm his amateurism. Of course the article has been greeted by silence from the national college basketball writers, but what do you really expect? Still a very good read. --- We all need to have confidence in life and maybe no one expresses that confidence quite like Rajon Rondo. Today he was asked who was the best PG in basketball and he said, "I'm the best, hands down." I love Rajon, but that is quite a statement to make by the young man. --- Not good news for the Louisville Cardinals today as Pitino announced the earlier stories that Georgi Deing is academically ineligible were true. Many Louisville sites and fans decried the earlier report by our friends at Card Chronicle, but in the end Deing is not eligible. Pitino will appeal. It was also announced that Jared Swopshire has a sports hernia and will miss six weeks, leading right up to the beginning of the season. A thin team seems to be getting thinner. Finally, a rough day for Louisville may have gotten rougher as a couple of UL insiders say the Cards will lose Quincy Miller. I have no idea, but it led to me ranting about UL message board fans this morning in hour 2. Check it out if you can. More later tonight....

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