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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
catfans The UK Women's Clinic is tonight with special guest Erin Andrews in attendance. I will be there as well getting pictures for KSR and should have more this evening. If you are going and have any good pictures of your own, send them our way. It is Ladies Night in UK land so guys back up off: --- There was a great story this morning by Chip Cosby about Randall Cobb's growing frustration in the last two weeks and the message he has given to his teammates...which basically boils down to "man up." Cobb says that watching the difficulties is tough but he still believes the team is good and will get over the hump. However he, like the rest of us is tired of the losing and the excuses. I like the article, as it suggests that Cobb understands the issues and also points out that Freshman Raymond Sanders has been trying to lead as well, even as a newcomer. Both are good signs and make me happy going into the Auburn game. --- If you heard our man Bomani Jones on the radio today, he gave a quote that I thought was very interesting. Bomani said, "people are willing to run stories about Calipari that they wont run about anyone else." I think that is exactly correct and Bomani hinted that there is "someone out there" (and he didnt say whether it was a media person or a coach) who clearly has some vendetta against the Coach. The entirety of Bomani's interview (including his advice to Pitino that he should just leave the Ville) is all in Hour 1 and is one of his best works so far on the KSR shows. --- Good night for two of UK's Freshman in the NBA as John Wall and Demarcus Cousins both killed it. Wall had 21 points and 9 boards, while Cousins had UK-like numbers with 16 points and 16 boards. Both guys are going to come in and play a lot due to their team situations and there is a good chance that they will be 1-2 in NBA Rookie of the Year voting. Patrick Patterosn and Eric Bledsoe both debuted as well, although minutes were more limited for both. Daniel Orton did not play in the Magic's first game. --- Dont believe the hype on the spin job by pro-UL media that Quincy Miller isnt coming to UL because the Cards "pulled out." It is very easy to make the decision to not recruit a kid once you know you are going to lose him to another school, and that is very likely the case here. Even if (as Jody Demling said today) UL wouldnt "meet Miller's demands", they KNEW WHEN THEY RECRUITED HIM that this was an issue. It was the reason that UK and Miller ended up souring after Brian Clifton became heavily involved and is the reason that one of the 5 best players in America essentially only has Baylor and Louisville on his list. Dont be surprised Cards fans...we told you long ago. --- A number of media outlets in Washington are suggesting that Tony Wroten will pick the Huskies tomorrow. I have no idea one way or the other, but losing the Wroten world in Louisville does make me sad. Below is the show today, which included the first ever "KSR Women's Trivia Challenge." Check it out and see if you would have done better....

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