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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
keeneland1 College Day is coming at Keeneland on Friday...10 $1,000 scholarships and a day of racing partially sponsored by the good folks at KSR. Make sure and check it out for the best in scenery and horse racing. It has also been an exciting day around the KSR Compound. Some highlights so far: --- The radio show was one of our best efforts today, as we ripped into Pete Thamel in a myriad of different ways. The biggest issue that we found is the unbelievable number of factual problems in the story. As we wrote earlier, he took the Turkish GM at his word on the income of the team, when it is almost certainly incorrect. He also used a quote out of context, changed it and then never mentioned the decision. And then there is the whole issue of calling another UK player stupid, again with no facts or supporting evidence. The fans (and least I hope) brought it today and there is some great stuff in Hour 1. --- But Hour 2 is where the best radio came to pass. Gregg Doyel said a line about Thamel that I wont write, but I will suggest may be the funniest thing said on the KSR airwaves. It involves Thamel, pictures of bodybuilding men and Doyel...not the kind of thing sportswriters usually say about each other. Then we attempted to call Pete on the air and played the call. It is a great hour and I hope you will check it out: --- Last night Demarcus Cousins tweeted out that he was "missing UK" after watching the "Blue Dawn" DVD about last year's Kentucky basketball team. The movie is very good and if you get a chance, you should definitely buy one. But more importantly, it is great to see Cousins still feeling the Blue is because of him that my Sacramento Kings hooded sweatshirt has been ordered. --- Yesterday Joker Phillips addressed those who complain about Steve Brown's defensive scheme by suggesting that they were using "words without knowledge." While I know that coaches often feel that way about critics (and often they are correct), that will do almost nothing to sway their beliefs. Telling someone that they are too stupid to have an opinion is rarely a positive decision and my guess is Joker could have handled it a bit more artfully. We will have a more a bit later today....stay tuned

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