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bball As we move towards the most uninspiring two game sports weekend in UK history, a few notes: --- Dillard's trip to Rupp Arena does mark the return of one Dale Brown back to his alma mater. People often forget about Brown, who was the defensive stopper on the team that went to the Final Four in 1993. Brown was injured in the Final Four game against the Fab Five, and I have long contended that if he were not hurt on the leg of a media table, it would have been a much different game at the end. Brown was there to guard Jalen Rose and without him, Kentucky had no answer late in the second half. I hope everyone gives him the loud ovation he deserves tonight. --- Jon Hood saying that he liked JJ Redick and picked #4 isnt really a surprise. He has said in the past that he was a Duke fan growing up. Still, I sometimes want to volunteer for "Jon Hood Press Secretary" just to try and give the kid pointers on how to better win over UK fans. We want to love you us, help you. --- The NBA is actively considering a "two and done" rule for its league, meaning that a player must be two years removed from high school to enter. If that happens, Calipari immediately becomes unstoppable and Kentucky will produce some super teams that will be stacked with talent. Can you imagine this year's team with Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe and Orton still on it? Scary. --- I have heard 1,000 people say that today is the day for Enes. All of those people tell me they are hearing it from "high level boosters" (I would love to know who these people are) and they are sure it is happening. All I can say is this...I guess it COULD happen this afternoon, but no one I speak with believes it likely. Trust me on this...the people who say they know or talk to people that say they know...they dont know. No one does right now, including the folks at UK. --- A source today told me that the team spirit around the football team is quite high and that a couple of the grumblings of the last couple of weeks have been quieted. Apparently Joker Phillips had a "Come to Jesus" speech this week that helped unify the team and it has created a very good atmosphere. Hope that is correct. --- Finally, you may remember in the past that we have talked about Eastern Kentucky Social Security lawyer Eric C Conn, who has had quite an impact on our site. He did a dancing music video, has crazy billboards and once dated/married a porn star. Well he has now created (for no apparent reason) a huge replica of the Lincoln statute at the Abraham Lincoln Memorial and has placed it in Eastern Kentucky. Eric C sir are a delight! ericcconn We have TWO LIVE BLOGS and TWO POSTGAME RADIO SHOWS coming over the next two days. Make sure and check them out...and while you are at it, here is today's radio show podcast, including some talk on the legacy of Tubby, the likelihood of the small lineup working for UK and Handsome Jimmy answering whether he can really squat 5 and bench 4:

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