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cats A Big Happy Veteran's Day to all of the military folks that follow KSR and are members of the Big Blue Nation. One of my favorite things about the site is to hear from Veterans serving all across the world who say they read the site and listen to the podcast while serving. We give all of those men and women a big salute and thank them for helping make triviality like this possible. A couple of notes: --- With recruiting on everyone's mind, I think it is worth noting the story told by Gary Parrish on Calipari yesterday on the radio show. Parrish noted that Calipari will let people know when he has problems with others and he liked the fact that he is up front. He told a story about a confrontation Calipari had with Cincinnati Coach Mick Cronin after he heard Cronin had told some associates that he didnt understand how he could go to every game for a kid and then Calipari could come in at the last minute and take him (presumably Marquis Teague). Calipari heard the comment, went to Cronin and basically said "you have to go see all the kid's games...I can sit back and decide which kid I want and come and get them." Parrish loved the story and it can be heard on yesterday's radio show below. --- In case you missed it, Indiana signed #20 ranked Cody Zeller, giving Tom Crean his best recruiting class since arriving for the Hoosiers. The national media (who love Crean) are using this as a chance to say "IU IS BACK", forgetting of course that he is (a) a Zeller brother and (b) lower ranked than all four of the UK recruits. Still you have to like IU at least getting one good player to make the locals happy. Hoosiers fans are great and college basketball is better when they dont stink. --- It is now clear that Colin Cowherd is ranting about John Wall just to get ratings. However today's comment does cross a line. We will deal more with this later, but Cowherd today was speaking about Wall and said that when he looks for Point Guards in the NBA, he wants to know "who's your dad?" With Wall's father's history, etc, it was clearly a low blow and symptomatic of a man who needs to be taken down a few notches in life. My hope is John Wall, Demarcus, Pat, etc actually get in a room with Cowherd at some point...we will see how smarmy he is then. Criticize a guy's play if you want...but demonizing him because of actions of his father is simply beyond the pale. --- Finally, Eamon Brennan of tweeted out a question today asking "who is the best NBA player who went to UK?" Showcasing that just because a person works for ESPN does not mean they have any historical basketball knowledge, Brennan later said he had narrowed it down to Antoine Walker and Jamal Mashburn. That is of course silly, as the answer is Dan Issel. But if you go past Issel, how would you rank them? Frank Ramsey is probably first, but guys like Kevin Grevey, Jamal Mashburn, Rondo, etc are on the list. What say you? That discussion, and much more is on the radio show below. We had Seth Davis of CBS and Mike Decourcy of the Sporting News and for true KSR fans, you know the real highlight was two hours in studio from the Turkey Hunter. Check it out:

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