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randall-cobb-fan-of-the-day Look at those pretty eyes.  Baby is cute too.  A few notes on a Tuesday that's been smothered with the Navy's dirty movie collection...  - First off, there isno update on DeAndre Daniels.  Let's just get that out of the way.  Rumors of a commitment to Kansas keep popping up, partially thanks to BTI circulating them all over Twitter, but nothing is confirmed at this point.  Most people say he will likely end up at Kansas, but the vast majority of them appear to be boners trying to get a few more Twitter followers or up their Google Ad hits.  On that note, make sure you follow me on Twitter and visit our advertisers.  - A lot of talk after the game yesterday about the emergence of Brandon Knight and the way he seems to put points on the board so quietly.  You can call him "The Silent Assassin", I guess.  Coach Cal was very vocal about his pleasure in how Knight has developed.  ESPN's Chad Ford, though, had a different opinion via NBA GMs.  Ford said that NBA front office types seem to agree that Knight is not a first round pick at this point.  Good news for Cats fans, who would like for him to return next year, but maybe not good news for Knight's bank account.  Matt noted on the radio show this morning that by returning for a sophomore year, he would be just one semester short of a degree at the conclusion of next season.  I guess if you're were placing a wager, "return to UK" would be the smart bet at this point.  Here's the whole NBA Draft article (with mentions of Kanter and T. Jones too).  But, like Rick Pitino, it's insider.  - In his annual "Stock Report" piece, Seth Davis said that he is "buying" UK.  I dont' know if that's figurative or the Cats will now live in the Wildcat Douche Lodge, but it's at least an interesting note.  Also, if you're reading this, Seth, I believe we're trying to go through the eight levels of radio booking for you and are at level three.  Any cheat codes would be appreciated.  - As we continue to cartoonize our favorite Cat, I'd like to add another nickname to Josh Harrellson's repertoire.  In honor of his double-doubles, I'd like to start referring to him as "Kevin Like".  - That excitement you're feeling deep in your chest is the anticipation of the BBVA Compass Bowl and Kentucky got another good note.  Already without their former head coach, their other former head coach and their dignity, Pitt will now play without Big East Defensive Player of the Year Jabaal Sheard.  Sheard is a defensive end and that's the position that lines up on the ends of the defensive line.  Kentucky played two of them this season.  In case you missed it.  - There's another bowl on Saturday worth keeping an eye on for Cats fans.  The Army All-American Bowl features UK recruit Lamar Dawson, who is impressing some people at the practice sessions.  Hopefully, this military-sponsored football stint can enhance the beauty of "Operation: Win".  - A lot of people leave their jobs.  Few do it as eloquently as Brandon Jacobs, the New York Giants running back who hasn't been too happy to call himself a New York Giant. Finally, in case you missed it.  Matt and Intern Drew held down the fort on Kentucky Sports Radio this morning and recapped last night's game and then debated the legitimacy of a female commentator.  Plus, there's a new creepy guy doing the intros.  Check it out below. HOUR 1 HOUR 2

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