UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

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fan-of-the-day-jan-11 A few notes as you get ready to bring the three or four Auburn basketball fans down from their emotional high...  - In an his weekly appearance on Mike and Mike, which is sadly void of Rays talk these days, Dick Vitale absolutely blasted the NCAA for the inconsisticies in their rulings and again spoke to how disappointed he was in hearing Enes Kanter could not play.  Just as you can tell the difference in your baby's crying (what?  wrong demographic?), you can tell the difference in Vitale's yelping.  He was angry. - In case you still haven't felt comfortable declaring this a blowout tonight because your Georgia hangover still has you uncertain, the spread for the Auburn game is -24.5.  It's UK's biggest line of the season. They were 24-point favorites against Penn.  Chris Porter ain't walking through that door.  And, sadly, neither is Scotty Pohlman.   - The frustrations with the play of some of the starters and the potential of a blow-out seems to create a perfect storm for the Hood-Vargas-Poole-Polson quartet tonight at Rupp.  They could get some significant clock and there's potential to come away from this game with the optimism of a new rotation player starting to emerge.  But, as Cal has said repeatedly, it's going to have to start on the defensive end and then work it's way to points.  Let's see if Hood has started to make that progression.  - With the bad news of Nick Martin's de-commitment hitting last night, the football Aaron says he's hearing that UK is trying to set up a meeting with Martin to discuss the change of heart.  If that doesn't happen or if there remains no change in his plans, the staff will move on to their next level of targets for the offensive line.  - Non-UK note:  Oregon might have lost last night, but it didn't stop Nike from placing this in newspapers tomorrow.  Step up your game, Fan Outfitters!  And, finally, in case you missed it, here's the podcast from today's edition of Kentucky Sports Radio, which featured a little something for the ladies (Matt talking about "The Bachelor") and a little something for the men (Handsome Jimmy calling in).  Check it out below.

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