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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
kidstree If there is one thing we have learned it is that nothing gets UK fans' hearts pumping like new uniforms. The new gear has fans up in arms and out in droves. From 12 pm to 1 pm, we had 26,000 visitors on this site, which Hubby and I agree may be a record for a one hour time period that didnt crash the site (which we are also excited about). The reviews are...well, not good. Now ASSUMING these are the new uniforms (which is an assumption until we see them on the court), two quick points: (1): These have way too much "Ed Hardy" in them for my taste. While I understand that all the Jersey Shore type meatheads love the Ed Hardy look, it isnt exactly a manly basketball view. I could be wrong, but floral design isnt really what I have in mind for basketball apparell. I dont know what the players think about them, but I cant imagine they were hoping for roses on the back of their jerseys. (2): I hate that it seems to simply be a copy of the Duke/Texas/Ohio State looks. I understand the appeal of Nike and its branding goals, but call me crazy...I had hoped for something uniquely Kentucky. While I like the subtle references to the titles, etc, this is just a version of uniforms other teams have already debuted. That is a bit disappointing. Now some other notes: --- The voting for the Bob Cousy award is going strong and while I dont know if it actually impacts who gets it, Harvard's Jeremy Lin is beating John Wall. That isnt good. The other UK sites including the Cats Pause, have all had links urging people to vote and have been unable to make Wall pull away. Now its time for the Big Blue Nation to take them down. Here is the link to vote for Wall.. As of now, Wall and Lin are tied. I bet they wont be for long. --- The Cats play the Tide tonight, which means visions of Wimp Sanderson dancing through all of our heads. We will have a LIVE BLOG BEGINNING AT 8:30 and will discuss all the news pre-game. The game is on ESPNU, so if you dont get it, follow it with us. --- If you havent seen it yet, you might want to check out this post on the Big Lead of UT's Steven Pearl, getting...well a "dance" from a fellow co-ed. As we can see, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and being a coach's son, even at Tennessee, makes life different than that of most college kids. Even Macon Vol Fan wasnt this popular at Transylvania. --- If you arent busy, I will be on WHAS with Terry Meiners at 3:30 today to talk about the Cats. You can listen to the proceedings at this link. Stick around tonight...UK-Alabama should be fun on this site and we will have all the action.

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