UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

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It might just be me, but it seems like this day has dragged on for about 36 hours at this point.  I want the snitches and I want them now.  I don't like this waiting game...

(1)  If you thought it was crazy that the Cats opened as a 9.5 point favorite over the Vols, you weren't alone.  According to Vegas Insider (who is Vegas?), 94% of the bets placed so far are taking the Vols to cover the seemingly massive spread.  It's now down to 8.5.  Still seems a little high... (2)  If you were sitting around today and wondering if anyone had a timeline of Bruce Pearl's suspension, you're luckier than Stephen Pearl getting a lap dance (proof).  GoVolsXtra, which is a pretty awesome site considering they cover Tennessee, has exactly the timeline you were looking for, though it's likely only there so Bruce Pearl can have something to study before answering the next rounds of NCAA questions. (3)  If it hasn't been said before:  They low down.  They dirty.  They some snitches. (4)  We already have a little surprised planned here at KSR for the occasion, but there's now a Facebook group calling on you to wear your denim to Senior Day against Vanderbilt March 1.  That means pants, shorts, hats, ties, jackets, whatever.  The inside of Rupp should like the Canadian version of the Academy Awards.  If you don't have any, Matt Jones has promised to loan you his.  You'll just have to cut off the sportscoat that comes attached with his jeans.  (5)  I've talked to a couple of people from the Team Wildcat student group and they have a lot planned tonight for the game.  The students will be on their A game.  Again, the non-students must do the same.  This is a pivotal game in the season and the Cats have to win.  So get after it.  Like Boyz II Men said, "Tonight, this is your night, we're going to celebrate, all through the night.  Throw your clothes on the floor.  I'm gonna ta-ake my clo-othes off too-oo."  Or something like that. (6)  Hey, don't look now, but Mississippi State has suspended Ravern Johnson indefinitely for Tweeting complaints about the coaching staff.  Besides the blind eye turned to Renardo Sidney, who re-tweeted it, this again provides Rick Stansbury with an opportunity to bring a suspended Johnson back just in time for UK, as he did last year.  And it also means we can now say, "Tweet the Ravern, nevermore".  #NerdJoke  (7)  A question of debate in my house:  If my wife's friends say our son is cute and then say he looks like me, am I allowed to wink at them?  She says no.  (8)  There are some technical difficulties with the podcast of this morning's show.  Some of it is posted in a post below, but there are still some issues with it cutting off early.  In lieu of having the widget here, please accept a second (female-less) Fan of the Day photo. 


We've got the Vols tonight and Justified returning to TV tomorrow.  It's a good week to be kicking ass in Kentucky.  Let's do this!!!!

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