UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

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corey-peters-kentucky-fans Corey Peters said he's not going to stop letting these people lean against him until he gets some afternoon notes.  So here you go...  - If you're looking ahead to the NCAA Tournament, it looks like Tampa is probably the safe bet for where the Cats will end up.  That is, of course, according to Matt Jones of CBS Sports fame.  The second most likely destination is Washington, D.C., but according to the number crunching that Matt did, Tampa appears to be the place.  Cookout at my house.  Tell no one.  - Giving a little clarity to the somewhat surprising pick of Terrence Jones as the SEC Freshman of the Year over Brandon Knight, Coach Cal clarified Tuesday afternoon saying that the school nominated Knight for Player of the Year and Jones for the freshman award.  They were only allowed to submit one for each.  Considering that 17 players earned first or second team All-SEC honors, I'm a little surprised that they had to limit the field.  - Again, as he has in the past few weeks, Coach Cal downplayed the significance of the SEC Tournament some, saying it was important only in terms of their seeding for the NCAA Tournament.  It's a point that seems to be understandable, but cutting down the nets in Atlanta would significantly decrease any chance that Stacey Pool could sprain a wrist doing the same in Houston.  - If you haven't yet, go read the Sports Illustrated story on Coach Cal.  Right now.  There's nothing else in this post that's better.  Go!  - In another one of their panelist thingys, half of ESPN's college basketball writers picked UK to win the SEC Tournament.  Those on board with the Cats:  Eamonn Brennan, Pat Forde, Joe Lunardi and Miles Simon.  Isn't that a fun bunch?  - Don't look now, but it's not exactly a fun time to be Jim Tressel.  He cancelled an appearance today and flew back to Columbus to meet with his team, who were all told to "stand firm".  That way, the money won't fall out of their pockets.  - There were some interesting comments from Jalen Rose that are sure to get some attention eventually.  On a teleconference today, Rose called black players who played for Duke in the late 1980s and early 90s "Uncle Toms".  Rose said that it stemmed from Coach K not recruiting black kids from inner cities and he said that he held a lot of resentment toward Grant Hill, who was also the son of a former athlete, but had a completely different upbrining.  Again, I cannot be more excited for the Fab Five documentary. Finally, if you missed it this morning, Kentucky Sports Radio started out with a bang thanks to Matt's rant about a certain U of L athletic dire............THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM......was awesome.  Check it out below.

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