UK Fans of the Day Want Afternoon Notes

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c-a-t-s Good afternoon! While Beisner is off being all reporter-like at the open practice in Tampa, I'm here with your afternoon news fix. Leggo! - During their press conference today, Princeton coach Sydney Johnson praised the Cats and raved about Terrence Jones, calling him an "incomparable talent," which tells me that the KSR liveblogs clearly weren't part of his scouting report. He also complimented Brandon Knight's leadership skills. Like the good Ivy League men they are, the Princeton players said they respect Kentucky's talent, but like their chances and experience neutralizing athletic teams. Like when they lost to Duke, 97-60. - Today could be the day for Billy Gillispie (no, the Beer of the Month doesn't come in until tomorrow), as speculation continues that he will be named the head coach at Texas Tech. On the Galloway & Company radio show, Gillispie didn't directly address the rumors, but said he really hoped to be coaching next season. He also shares his views on the tournament, calling himself the "worst picker there is," and naming Wisconsin his sleeper pick (after admitting he didn't know who the 1 and 2 seeds were in their bracket). If, like me, you've missed deciphering Gillispie's rambling Texas drawl, then have a listen, if only to compare it to his calls on Kentucky Sports Radio. - Another week, another Sports Illustrated article about Kentucky. Well, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, and Notre Dame, to be exact. SI's Luke Winn examines how Calipari has adjusted his offense to fit this year's team, using more dribble drive and fewer fast breaks. The article focuses on Calipari's decision to tweak the offense over Christmas break to feature more pre-dribble-drive handoffs by Terrence Jones and Josh Harrellson and how those changes have led to the Cats being a dark horse candidate for the Final Four. Calipari installed the hand offs with Brandon Knight in mind, who Winn calls a better 3-point shooter than Wall, but less physical. Oh yeah, and he's smart. HEAR THAT, PRINCETON? - Because he just can't help himself, Pat Forde manages to take another jab at Calipari today in his "Dream and nightmare scenarios" column on ESPN. While Forde says the best scenario is the Cats winning it all and "2,000 Kentucky families naming their newborn sons Cal," he says the worst case scenario will be another loss to the West Virginia Huggy Bears, in which Cal will "verbally bomb Terrence Jones again in a late-game situation." Classy, Pat. And because he told Dana O'Neil and Pete Thamel he would, he mentions rumors that Cal will go to the Knicks. Triumvirate unite! - If you haven't already done so, you're running out of time to register for the KSTV Championship Challenge. The winning bracket will earn you a 40″ Samsung HDTV! Over 4,500 people have already entered. If you win, think of all the bragging you could do... - Continuing his quest for world domination, Jorts took over the front page of The Wall Street Journal today. Next up: solving the crisis in Libya. jorts_wsj2 - Finally, if you missed today's Kentucky Sports Radio show, catch up with the podcast below. Matt and Drew the Intern talked about Kentucky's matchup with Princeton, the wonders of Jim Nantz's comb over, and all things March Madness. Oh yeah, they also talked to "Cougartown" actor and UK superfan Josh Hopkins and's Gary Parrish. Good times.

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