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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
544136_4776322412034_964241738_n As the Barker/Wiggins countdown continues, a few thoughts: --- Andrew Wiggins mom is coming into Huntington this weekend in order to be there for her son's decision. That means that it is likely Wiggins will pull the trigger either Friday or Monday. How such an announcement will take place is unknown. Wiggins' high school coach has always insisted he may just do it by a tweet or press release, but one would think if his mother is coming into town, an announcement makes the most sense. The word on the street continues to be that there is no word on the street. There is no confidence coming from the major coaching staffs involved and the only people who seem sure of the result are the UNC "insiders" who continue to insist that the Heels are the pick. I don't believe them and still think the decision is up in the air. But soon (and thankfully) it will be over either way. --- I hope you got a chance to read my article on Mark Stoops' courtship of the top UK donors for football. In my view, it may be the most important work Stoops has done during his time in Lexington and it will pay huge dividends in the future. A significant part of that courtship has been the work with Joe Craft, who was also in the news today again. He has become one of 11 billionaires to sign the "Giving Pledge" brought about by Warren Buffett, pledging to give away half of their wealth to charity. It is a great show of philanthropy by all of the individuals involved and we especially salute Craft, who is one of the most generous individuals to UK Athletics and as the news today proves, the world as a whole as well. --- It is that time of year when the UK basketball Team GPA will come out, which usually makes the Jerry Tiptons of the world foam at the mouth in anticipation. With the amount of good students on the team, my guess is that it could be strong, and if so, I expect little attention from the media masses. But if it is good, will it get trumpeted? I guess we shall see. Lots of good students are in the program right now. --- Finally, here is an article written about John Calipari in 1996 when his UMASS team went into the NCAA Tournament 31-1. It is a look at his career at the time, but what is interesting to me is how similar the media criticisms of him were then and now. He still has reporters harping on him with little evidence and being insanely critical while also ignoring similar issues elsewhere. For whatever reason, Calipari has drawn this bitterness his entire career, and even nearly 20 years ago, he was having to fight the same battles that he is today. Big week coming up....65 hours until Drew Barker makes the call...fingers crossed all around Big Blue Nation. Finally, here is a second Charles Ramsey song that is MUCH BETTER and very catchy. I know this was a very serious thing and my prayers are with the three women and their amazing story of survival. But that doesn't mean that Charles Ramsey and his interviews are not awesome. Try not to bop your head:

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