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nightfans2 Its been one of those days around here, has it not? The national media had a boring news day and the next thing you know, multiple outlets did the whole why did Calipari curse story on television, radio and web. I did my part with this column on CBS about how Calipari's tongue is par for the basketbal course and if you get a chance, read it and try and offset the Card fans blasting in the comment section. The topic is played out at this point and anyone who legitimately believes the cursing was bad probably has not played on a sports team or watched much college basketball. I have some sympathy for those, such as Bomani Jones, who argue that what was inappropriate was the embarassment of Terrence Jones on national television, but even that doesn't get me far. Jones has been called worse and will be called worse in the NBA. Its the way of sports, and Calipari just happened to get caught. The story does however showcase once again that if it happens in UK land, it is a big deal. Because the Curse heard round the world has been the topic, here are a few things you may have missed: ANTHONY DAVIS: Last Saturday, Anthony Davis played in a showcase event in Dayton, Ohio and we sent a KSTV camera up there to document it. What we ended up with was some great video that showcased, Davis's game, an interview with him (including his amazing unibrow) and some great footage of Calipari giving Anthony Davis some early instruction. We played it on the show Tuesday night, but if you missed it, it is definitely worth a viewing: DREW FRANKLIN MEETS THE NCAA: KSTV also sent Drew to the NCAA office on Tuesday and all I can say is, the results were great. Drew had a run in with NCAA security and talked to an NCAA spokesman, all about Enes Kanter and the issues of the day. It was great work by Mr. Franklin and our KSTV cameras and having seen the video already, I can guarantee you will like it as well. We will debut it tomorrow night on KSTV and you simply have to watch. We hope to have some of the clips eventually here on KSR as well, but initially its a television production that is some of Drew's finest work. WILL HILL: You may remember Will Hill from this moment in the UK-Florida football game: willhill You may have thought that was the last you would see of Will Hill. Well the Florida Gator is here to prove you wrong, as over the course of the season, he created the most absurd Twitter account in the history of college athletics. The blog Every Day SHould be Saturday compiled the tweets here and lets just say, Florida football has some explaining to do. I cant do them justice and I wont try. Suffice to say that they are definitely NSFW and probably shouldnt be read by children. But they do show all of the excesses of major college football and may end up giving the Gator program a lot of headaches in the near future. KIGE RAMSEY: By now, you know that Kige was on Tosh.0 last night. We are very happy for Kige, who came on the radio today and sounded genuinely excited. Kige is a big part of KSR's history and we love the dude for all that he does. Congrats to Kige and lets hope that the fact that the show had a Kige graphic means that he will be making recurring appearances over the next few weeks. That would make me VERY happy. IF you missed today's radio show, we talked about the worst minute of play by any player in college basketball history, the furor over a Coach and his F bombs and I sang Kenny Rogers. It is worth a listen for a surprisingly fun show after a bad loss.

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