UK Fans of the Day Want Four Things We Learned at Practice

UK Fans of the Day Want Four Things We Learned at Practice

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screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-4-28-58-pm The lovely ladies of Alpha Delta Pi are bringing their A-game this Saturday to cheer the Cats to a victory and you should to.  

1. Kash Daniel Tells Fish Tales

There's a sign at my lake house that reads: "Early to bed, early to rise.  Fish like hell and make up lies."  Kash Daniel abides by the fisherman's code. Daniel used the Saturday and Sunday to go hunting and fishing.  While at Yatesville Lake in Louisa, Kentucky, "I lost the biggest bass of my life on Sunday."  He was so mad, "You couldn't put it on video."  Kash was willing to admit the "at least 8 pound" fish outsmarted him. "It kinda ran straight toward the boat on me and the line got really slacked so I couldn't catch up to it.  It was a smart fish.  It knew what to do." How does a linebacker get outsmarted by a fish? "I tell you what, we get outsmarted all the time, especially with largemouth bass." Kash vowed to pick him back up this spring, "He knows I'm coming for him."

2. What Makes Nick Fitzgerald Different Than Other Dual-Threats

“He’s so big," D.J. Eliot said.  "He’s hard to bring down on top of being a good runner and a good passer. One tackle doesn’t bring him down. He gets two or three more yards. He’s like a big running back, just tough to get on the ground.” Eliot is confident the Cats will be able to contain Fitzgerald.  On top of the experience against Stephen Johnson everyday in practice, the defense did well containing South Carolina's dual-threat quarterback, Brandon McIlwain.

3. Ware Honored to See the Peach Bowl Champs

Saturday's game will be a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Kentucky's 1976 Peach Bowl victory.  Like many current players, Denzil Ware is inspired every time he meets someone that came before him. "I get motivated when people like that come and talk to us and express their memories, their thoughts and how important it is to see us win.  At the end of the day, they laid their life on the line for this program to be where it's at.  We have to do the same," Ware said.  "We have to return the favor to them, because that's their alma mater and they want to see this program do well."

4. Alvonte Bell's New Role

With injuries to Kobie Walker and De'Niro Laster, Alvonte Bell and Kengera Daniel have been forced into the hybrid linebacker position to provide depth behind Denzil Ware and Josh Allen.  They'll still see reps with their hand in the dirt, but much of  the time during the Bye Week was spent learning the new position. "It requires more discipline because you have more keys to read," Bell said.  Even though it may be more difficult, he's excited to embrace the new task.  "It's really fun to get the chance to make plays at both positions."

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