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Matt Jonesabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I am off to Lexington for some basketball stuff and then a late-night podcast taping. Some notes before we hit the road: --- The big story in KSR world is the decision by the Herald Leader to ban all of its writers from coming on any KSR medium. I am assuming the reason is because of comments made on the site about Jerry Tipton and John Clay over the past few months. The practical impact is that none of the Herald-Leader writers will be allowed to come on our show or do live blogs/podcasts over the coming year. I will write more about this in the future, but the reality is this....if Calipari or a politician (say Rand Paul) didnt like the coverage given to him by the newspaper and decided not to talk to the paper or shut them out of events...they would complain and raise a fuss. However when something is said about them, they then ban their writers who want to come on the shows from being a part of them. I knew some in the media world were thin-skinned, but I would have never imagined that the Tipton/Clay/Herald Leader Sports Editor (Gene Abell) would have that type of reaction. Way to make sure as few as possible read your work and know your writers... --- Our rivals in the Ville got some bad news today as Rick Pitino told Drew Deenor that Justin Coleman and Roburt Sallie will not be eligible for the Cards this season on the basketball court. This is a tough break for the Cards, as they are already thin in terms of quality players and this news means they will have a lot riding on Kyle Kuric and Jared Swopshire. The Cards have a chance to be really bad this year, which I know will break your heart. --- Kentucky offered a Junior yesterday, Kyle Anderson, a top ranked player in the Class of 2012. With Kentucky likely to move their focus to the Spring to finish up the 2011 class, expect to see much more news about the 2012 guys in the days ahead. --- As far as the UK basketball schedule, I generally think it is pretty solid. Two potential games against very good teams (UNC and Michigan STate in Maui)....three rivals (IU, UL and Notre Dame), one other very good game (Washington) and some teams who will contend for their conference title (ETSU, Penn and Winthrop). The games in Rupp arent great, but Calipari wants to travel with the team, so that is just what is going to happen. Overall a good test for a young team. More all day as Beisner and the boys give you the news while I head to Lexington to get the scoop.

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