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danceuk This comes a little early and is a little short (thats what she said) because I have some lawdogging to do before the big 4 pm ESPNU show. So lets make it quick: --- I spoke with a good source this morning who told me that this is a good indication of where UK stands with various recruits: Brandon Knight/Michael Gilchrist: As everyone has said multiple times, both are expected to commit today. If you havent read Gary Parrish's great piece on Gilchrist and why the commitment came today, please do. It is dead on. Doron Lamb: Likely in UK's corner and almost certain if he commits on Saturday. There is some worry that he might push back the Saturday announcement to allow other teams (West Virginia and St Johns) to make their pitch again. If that doesnt happen, the source believes UK gets him. CJ Leslie: Much less confident about CJ and his chances of being in blue. The source told me that CJ is leaning heavily to NC State. With Leslie you never know, as he changes his mind daily. But there was a time this was a lock to Kentucky and that has clearly changed. Terrence Jones: The guy Calipari is putting the most effort in trying to get. No one can get a good read on where he is going or what he is going to do, including those at UK. The hope is that they get him, but the confidence level wavers on a daily basis. As of now, the source said he believes the class will be Knight, Poole, Kanter, Lamb and then 2 of the next tier of players, which includes guys like Marcus Thorton, Terrence Ross, Chris Hill and "a few others that none of you guys have ever mentioned." Calipari really wants Terrence Jones, but if not, then a 3 star bigger Forward will be crucial to balancing the class. So there you go...a little update for the morning. We still expect a big day and will kick things off here around ten minutes to four....remember that if you cant get on the site, you can find the link to the live blog on my twitter account (Kysportsradio) or via on the "whats on now" link. Going to be a fun afternoon and I suspect we will break the KSR Live Blog record in the process.

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