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van-pelt-fan-of-the-day Not exactly a big bang to end the week so far, huh? Things seem to be coming to a slow conclusion on this Friday. Don't worry, we'll navigate through it together. There's safety in numbers. A few notes... - Don't be confused.  You're right.  Today is the 14th day of that Enes Kanter advent calendar.  You didn't get off track.  However, it doesn't seem like we're any closer to getting a ruling regarding the new information that Kentucky submitted two weeks ago.  As Matt mentioned on the radio show this morning, it doesn't mean that we won't hear anything.  It just means that the people who are usually indicating that they're expecting to hear something have given no indications that anything is forthcoming.  Now, having said that and typed it for the world to see, you can fully expect some sort of surprise announcement.  That's just how I assume it will eventually work.  Either way, keep hitting "refresh" on KSR.  I have gifts to buy and mouths to feed.  Thanks.  - Keeping with our Friday waiting game theme, still nothing on DeAndre Daniels of substance.  He'll be visiting Texas this weekend.  He'll be enrolling early.  And you'll continue to wait.  And, remember, keep hitting refresh.  You know, the gifts and mouths thing.  - Sensing your overwhelming feeling of anticipation, Coach Cal took to Lexy and preached a little bit of patience.  Of course, he wasn't talking about Kanter or Daniels, but Coach Cal encouraged Kentucky fans to not get all worked up and nitpick their DVR recording of the game.  Instead, he wants you to just enjoy the growth that is taking place with this team.  Ok.  Any news on Kanter, Coach?  - Another prominent name of the past few days is taking the court in a big-time battle and, unlike Anthony Davis, he'll be doing it with a competent cast of characters.  UK recruit Trevor Lacey and his 41.5 ppg will lead his #1 ranked Butler (4A) team against top-ranked Homewood (6A) in an Alabama basketball bonanza.  It would probably be televised but Pete Thamel bled the AHSAA dry this summer with all those attorney fees.  - In case you weren't connecting with your social network today, you might have missed Vanderbilt announce James Franklin as their head coach through their Facebook page.  The Maryland offensive coordinator, while probably thrilled to get a head coaching gig, appears to have some work to do in winning over fans in Nashville.  Check out the Facebook madness that ensued after his announcement.   - Also, our friend from the past, Bobby Maze, has filed a lawsuit against EA Sports for using his likeness in a video game.  He joins a couple of other turds, including former Nebrasksa quarterback Sam Keller, in trying to get a piece of the money he's probably owed at the expense of our virtual fun.  Amazingly, former Iowa State coach Larry Eustachy still remains quiet. Finally, if you missed today's Kentucky Sports Radio show, make sure you check it out below.  The guys talked about UK stuff.  Surprised?  Listen in below.

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