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harrick The picture above shows five coaches, some of whom were in much better shape at the time it was taken. This was after the 1994 Wooden Classic and was sent in by a loyal KSR reader. Intersting to note how times have changed for so many of these guys since Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas and UMASS played in the event. To honor the past represented in this picture, here are three updates from earlier stories: (1): UL and Terry Meiners confirmed our earlier story on the changes made by the UL administration. Due to criticism made by WHAS TV and Terry Meiners during the Sypher trial, UL has pulled Rick Pitino from HIS OWN COACH'S SHOW and has removed Meiners from his role as host of the show and sideline reporter for games. Drew Deenor will replace Terry. Rick Pitino said today that the changes were taking place because he needed "a year off" but said the criticism of the Sypher trial had nothing to do with it. (Yeah right). Meiners for his part sent out a tweet that said this: Pitino TV show format fractured. I’m no longer host. No more farce halftime interviews, either. Read my wiki for details Then if you went to his Wikipedia page, it said this: In 2010, the University of Louisville switched from Freedom Hall to a new downtown arena, tossing out familiar seating assignments for longtime season ticket holders. Meiners publicly criticized[20] school administrators, saying that decades of fan loyalty had been ignored in the re-seating process to accommodate late line jumpers making fresh donations to the athletics department. In a live radio interview[21], Meiners asked a university fundraising spokesman about the number of prime seats school officials kept for its own use, whether school employees who received those free tickets were allowed to resell them “to enhance their compensation packages,” and about advance block sales of seats to ticket brokers before seats were made available to common fans. Meiners was soon removed from an upcoming charity golf tournament where University of Louisville athletics director Tom Jurich was slated to play in Meiners’ foursome. Meiners responded[22] by offering to buy two foursomes in the charity tournament, stocking the one in front of Jurich with four slow-moving octogenarians and the foursome behind Jurich with four long-hitters having “a delightful day of methodical shot selections.” Shortly thereafter, a university official notified WHAS-TV of changes in the coach’s show[23] show format for the fall of 2010, resulting in Meiners no longer continuing to host the program[24]. WKRD-AM and WHAS-AM sports radio host Drew Deener[25] was selected to replace Meiners on the weekly Pitino television show under whatever format the university approves. Deener’s radio shows are consistently friendly to University of Louisville athletics. Tom "Petty" Jurich and Rick Pitino have defined mismanagement of a basketball program over the last 18 months. This story is just consistent for that theme. Your coach goes and makes a mockery of your program and then you punish those who report it. Pitiful. (2): Last night Andy Katz reported that Pitino was looking into Tony Woods at Louisville as a transfer. This is of course bunk...he was already offered a scholarship and committed according to multiple sources, including Jody Demling, who has a hotline to all things UL basketball staff related. But now after a lot of criticism from the media (including Pitino friend Rick Bozich and many UL fans), they are just "looking into" Woods and "investigating" his background and situation. Whatever. Now they are looking for a way to potentially not take the kid due to the criticism and they threw out this test balloon that Pitino talked to Woods' baby mama to see if she supported him (she does). The story also suggests that this WASNT THE FIRST INCIDENT involving the two of them and that Woods was dismissed from Wake Forest this semester for honor code violations relating to the incident. Either way, whether he takes Woods now or doesnt, Pitino looks absurd. Do we see a pattern? (3): Finally, as we reported earlier last month, Kentucky is still looking into playing Duke next year as part of an ESPN doubleheader. It would be a two game series, with one in the Duke zone and one in the UK zone. Possible places for the game include Atlanta, New York, Charlotte and Nashville. Cross your fingers that this happens...not finalized, but a good possibility and something ESPN desperately wants to arrange. More later in the day...and if you are in the listening zone of WHAS 840 AM, my guess is that you want to listen to Terry Meiners at 3 pm....

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