UK Fans of the Day with Eloy Vargas Want Afternoon Notes and Podcast

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The strapping young lad posing with Eloy Vargas is none other than Daniel Solzman of ">Lazy Tuesday fame. Daniel uploaded this photo to Twitter from an autograph signing at Cardboard Heroes last week. The gentleman to Eloy's left is a world-renowned marker collector and distinguished tour manager for the Eloy Vargas road show. He's just bubbling with happiness and that's why he is your co-KSR Fan of the Day with Daniel. Solzman... Solzman... Solzman... A late afternoon edition of your notes and podcast... --- Mislav Brzoja before Hojas was on campus for an official visit to Kentucky yesterday and the word on the web is that he played some pickup ball with the team -- what little of a team UK has right now. I can't tell you how he did because I wasn't in attendance but he played with Wiltjer, Beckham, Hood, and Polson in front of the UK coaching staff. The dancing and singing portion of his WBA audition went very well. --- The high school coach of former Xavier guard Mark Lyons told Cats Illustrated that he believes Arizona is in the driver's seat for Lyons. This has been everyone's assumption since Lyons announced his transfer, considering Arizona head coach Sean Miller recruited Lyons to Xavier and coached him during his redshirt freshman season. --- Lyons does have an offer from Kentucky, in case you were wondering. --- In stupid criminal news, a guy I grew up with on Oak Street in Madisonville was arrested for shipping marijuana through UPS. A total of 53 pounds of marijuana and $1,200 in cash were seized after the suspicious package arrived at the UPS terminal in Madisonville. I hate to see my former backyard football teammate go to jail, but I don't have any sympathy for him considering how dumb it was. It's a sad day on Oak Street. --- Keep sending those photos in to [email protected] for the Brutally Awkward High-Five Contest. The more awkward, the better. --- I hope to see a lot of you at the KSTV Casting Call in Lexington tomorrow. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. and we'll take contestants to 11:00 a.m. so come on out and try to take on the KSTV crew for your chance at a contract with the show. You'll need to bring your A-game because I'm hearing rumors that Stone Cold Willow will be auditioning. --- Speaking of Stone Cold Willow, I want to clear things up after seeing some of the comments about his first pitch. We are not “making fun" of Willow, as some suggest, and you'd understand that if you knew how happy last night made him. He doesn’t have the best situation at home and wasn’t blessed with a lot in life, so we do what we can to help him do stuff like that. He works as a custodian in the dorms to help his mom make ends meet and last night was one of the highlights of his life. I couldn’t be happier for him and I hope his popularity grows. He’s a good kid just enjoying life as best as he can, all while smoothing the back out and making YouTube videos. Embrace him, folks, because he's not going anywhere. --- Fridays have become a day for randomness on KSR radio, as you'll hear in today's podcast. Matt and I were in the Lexington studio this morning and we spent the majority of the show talking about old people names. Enjoy it, Maude.

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