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cabin-cats Beisner has the late night post, so just a few tidbits: --- Nothing really newsworthy today except the talk about a new potential hire at Tennessee. Big picture, I think David Cutcliffe is a mediocre hire for UT for a variety of reasons. He wont bomb, but this is a program that wants to be a Top 10 program, but unlike every other current team in that position, they dont have a natural recruiting base. Along with the other two historical powers to slip (Nebraska and Notre Dame), Tennessee has become the victim of more localized recruiting and the proliferation of good teams in high talent areas. To overcome that, they need a rock star coach...Cutcliffe wont be that. --- However, the hire may not be good news for UK if it occurs. The biggest worry I would have is that Tennessee tries to "Go Orange" to combat Lane Kiffin's lack of respect for UT tradition and hires Randy Sanders as the Offensive Coordinator under his former boss. I LOVE what Sanders does at UK and that would hurt. Also, I agree with Rob Gidel that it is much more likely UK loses the in-state kids in Tennessee to UT than them picking up any UT recruits, since only the kid from Breathitt County was really considering Kentucky anyway. --- Wayne Chism's headband is still ridiculous. --- Enough Tennessee. Lots of talk today about the returning chances of Kentucky's Freshmen to the program. I say this every year, but people need to not worry about it. You cant control it and you dont know what the kids are thinking. Having said that, forget Wall coming way it happens. If Cousins keeps playing like Cousins has been playing, he will go to. Eric Bledsoe's high school coach says they have talked about him going, but he advised Eric to return. My guess is that he will return. But no matter what, dont let worry of the future get in the way for what is a special season. --- Absent an absolute collapse, John Wall will be National Player of the Year as no real competitor for the position has emerged. Wall will end up being the most important player from a recruiting standpoint (I think Patterson is the most important from a program stabilization standpoint) that UK has had since Mashburn. --- Apparently the woman from Sports Nation did the John Wall Dance on the air. That is nice. --- Big rule passed by the NCAA that bans the hirings of associates of recruits in order to get the recruits to come to the school. Will this effect the Marquis Teague recruitment for Louisville or will they be grandfathered in? Good rule however and past due. Finally, as bad as things are in Haiti, it is wonderful to see how it brings out the absolute best in Americans, who are as generous a people as there are in the world. The texting of money to the Red Cross has raised 5 million (text 90999 with the word HAITI) and locally, many of you have told me that you have donated as well. It is wonderful to see the best in humanity in times of crisis. All Auburn all the time tomorrow...they havent been the same since Chris Porter left.

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