UK Fans of the Evening Want a Few Housekeeping Notes

UK Fans of the Evening Want a Few Housekeeping Notes

Matt Jonesover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
catsfootball It was a great weekend in UK land and Monday has been just as good. That is in part due to the return of the Undertaker and Triple Roided H on Monday Night Raw, but also the realization of what it is to come. We are about to hit the best time of the year in all of sports, March Madness. I am personally very excited to not only see the Cats do well, but to actually get to cover the Tournament for the first time ever for CBS. Lots of travel, live blogs, random games and even a trip to Dayton to see the first four. It will be cool. A few notes: --- A couple of sources tell me that Kentucky's opponent in the SEC-Big East challenge next year will likely not be one of the best teams in the Big East. I would expect you will see Kentucky play either West Virginia or Cincinnati. That is of course subject to change, but due to the rest of the UK schedule, is the most likely result. --- We will have a big day for Jorts's Senior Day on next Tuesday. If you have any good pictures of Jorts or anything in particular you think should be added, email the Beez at [email protected] --- Also, another Tennessee Hate Day is on the agenda for a week from Friday. We did Louisville during basketball season and now it is time for the low down dirty snitches coming next week. --- The KSR Compound for the SEC Tournament now looks to be a huge house in Buckhead with 14 people staying inside. Beisner, Drew Franklin, me, Turkey Hunter, Mosley and assorted other friends of the program will be in a house which will likely see our deposit destroyed. But it is going to be fun and KSR will have the best coverage of the event that you will find anywhere. No other place will be close. --- Finally, make sure and check out the KSR Podcast from this weekend. Evan Daniels gives you more on UK recruiting than you will hear anywhere else. It was a very good listen. A word of thanks to all of you who tuned in for the Big Blue Network Pregame show last week. It was quite an honor to get to do the show with Oscar, Tom and Mike and was really a dream come true. We get another shot at it this weekend during the Florida game, so I hope you will tune in again. It is more fun than I should legally be allowed to have.

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