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Matt Jonesabout 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Its a big night with the US Open, VMAs, Barack Obama Speech and Pittsburgh vs Cincy football (kidding about the last one cares about Big East football). So lets get a few notes out of the way: --- The saga of Billy Clyde is sad, but not at all surprising. It was obvious at Kentucky that Billy Gillispie would ruin his own career. His time here included some of the more embarrassing moments in the school's history and even those of us that know many stories probably don't know the half of his lunacy. Unfortunately however, he continued the progression at Texas Tech and now the school will surely have no choice but to let him go. During his time at Kentucky, he would speak of the "tough love" that he gave his players and how he helped them become men by being hard on them on a daily basis. It was complete bunk. Even proponents of "tough love" usually adhere to common standards of decency and attempt to treat people with respect. Billy did neither. I don't like to revel in other people's failures but with Gillispie, it is hard not to do. Tonight we learn that he is out of the hospital, and that is good. But it looks as if his career is headed for a point as low as the standard by which he treated others. It is unfortunately fitting. --- Wanna be sick? How about you watch this video of "All Access" from ESPN with Billy Gillispie as the coach. Crazy to look back on: --- Speaking of crazy, how about this picture of Rex Chapman from his playing days with a gold tooth: --- The big (and only story) coming out of football this week is Joker's decision to play the young players and throw them into the fire. It is clear that the most talented athletes on this team are also the youngest. If UK is to have any chance of success, those guys must play and play well. They will make numerous mistakes, but better to make such mistakes and learn than to be stuck with a relatively unathletic team against SEC juggernauts. --- With that said, UK's defense will be put to the test on Saturday. Now don't get me wrong, Kent State's offense is terrible. In fact, it was ranked 9th last season out of 13 teams in the MAC. But if THAT defense runs roughshod on Kentucky's offense, or even scores a lot of points...well it will be a long season. --- Triple H got his haircut. It throws me off: --- I hope everyone decides to go to the UK Alumni Game in Rupp Arena next Saturday. It really is going to be a great event...the reunion of the 1996 team, along with a host of former Cats currently in the NBA, including Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I am also hearing talk of potential special guest coaches that could get lots of people excited. Make sure and purchase your tickets at the link below and gear up for what might be your best chance to see these UK guys up close ever: UK ALUMNI GAME TICKETS HERE --- I am excited to be participating next week in the John Calipari Fantasy Experience. It is a chance to act as a UK basketball player for three days and spend a lot of time playing basketball under the UK coaches' tutelage. My hope is to not embarrass myself, but as the youngest player there, it should be ok...we hope. For more info on the camp, the many UK NBA players that will be there and how you could sign up, click this link from --- Finally, I am going to be the co-host of the Walk-Ons College basketball podcast. It will focus on college basketball nationally and will (hopefully) be part of a major website soon. Until then, you can listen to the first episode with my co-hosts Shane Ryan and Ben Swain here. We get into Billy Clyde, Nerlens Noel and why I hate some Duke students. If you like KSR, I think you will like it and you can subscribe to it from the iTunes link there as well. More coming tomorrow as we get ready for the weekend. If you are an early riser, I will be on 98.1 The Bull tomorrow morning at 7:45 talking with Deanna and Officer Don. I might even get them to play Conway. See you then...

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