UK Fans of the Weekend Want Saturday Night Notes

UK Fans of the Weekend Want Saturday Night Notes

Drew Franklinover 10 years


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fans-tailgate Hey, what are you doing on here? It's a Saturday night. You should be out doing Saturday night things. Let's run through some quick notes and get you own your way. -- We'll kick things off with some recruiting gossip... 2013 combo forward Chris Walker called Kentucky his favorite. UK hasn't offered the five-star forward yet but he has talked to Coach Cal and knows that's who can get him to the league. Walker is a top 3 player in the 2013 class. You might remember him as the kid who slept through Calipari's first phone call. -- The #3 small forward in the 2013 class has a top 3 and Kentucky is in the mix. Kuran Iverson says his top 3 is Kentucky, UConn, and Syracuse. According to ESPN, Iverson is a legitimate 6'8 with guard-like skills and he has the potential to be one of the most dominant players in the class. He says he likes Kentucky because "Calipari lets you play." I just hope Iverson is willing to practice. Practice? -- Josh Harrellson and DeAndre Liggins worked out with Philadelphia today. Is there a team in the NBA DeAndre hasn't worked out for? I wouldn't be surprised if he is in Seattle tomorrow working out for the Supersonics. -- I still haven't received my NBA Draft Green Room invitation. Have you? I'm starting to get worried. Brandon Knight and Enes Kanter already got theirs so we could've been passed over again. -- Speaking of Enes, no team has ever had back-t0-back #1 NBA draft picks. Well, Dequesne did it in the 50s but that doesn't count. It hasn't been done since the NBA draft mattered. Kentucky could make history in the draft again this year if Cleveland takes Enes with the top pick. And if the Cavs know what's good for them, they will. 5 days. -- I just got back from a wedding where the bride and groom walked the aisle to the UK fight song. If that's not a sign of unconditional love, I don't know what is. Congrats, Brad and Laura Faulk! #threegoggles #ithacajackass The lovely Ms. Tyler Thompson will be by shortly for your Sunday entertainment. Goodnight, friends.

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