UK Fans Want Afternoon Afternoon Notes

UK Fans Want Afternoon Afternoon Notes

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Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
bobby-knight-kentucky-fan As time becomes our friend and our emotions start to simmer down a bit after last night's loss, hopefully we can find a little enjoyment from what might be my favorite Fan of the Day photo of all-time.  A UK fan, Bobby Knight, a random guy and three very different expressions displaying varying levels of amusement. A few notes... - Right off the bat, let's get this out of the way.  All rumors regarding Doron Lamb are false.  There's apparently some email circulating or message board posts stating that the freshman guard withdrew from school and quit the team last night.  There was even rumors of a fight in the locker room.  Not surprisngly, there's not an ounce of truth to any of it.  Losing sucks.  Losing a lot sucks more.  Creating these types of embarrassing rumors makes the losing unbearable.  - While last night brought a lot of bad news for Kentucky, it did precisely the opposite for a prominent former Cat.  If John Pelphrey turns the program around at Arkansas and makes them a national contender as some believe he can, last night will be cited as the start of that turnaround for the Hogs.  Pelphrey essentially saved his job last night, meaning he will not only get to continue his quest for resurgence, but he'll also be able to work with a very good recruiting class next year that features five-star point guard B.J. Young.  The future has looked promising for the fourth-year coach.  There was just uncertainty as to whether or not he'd be around as a part of it.  Last night seems to have done the trick.   - I've long been a part of the group that doesn't believe freshmen get tired due to what is essentially a year-round high school season, but this team has made me do a 180.  Kentucky looks gassed.  It's evident in their jump shots, which have become essentially their live-or-die offensive philosophy this season, and it's apparent in their defense.  On The Leach Report this morning, Mike Pratt agreed and said that this looks like a tired team.  Playing four games in four days at the SEC Tournament is not going to help that.  But as we're all starting to come to grips with right now, this team is not going to change.  They have to play through it.  - Another little note that borders on a rant:  Several people have said that Josh Harrellson was not open at the time DeAndre Liggins inbounded the ball, making all of the postgame groaning about him being missed meaningless.  This is true, somewhat.  Harrellson wasn't open when Liggins threw the ball.  He was open about a quarter of a second afterward.  If DeAndre hadn't have forced it to Knight, the Cats would have gotten an easy look.  He slipped the screen beautifully.  Liggins just didn't look for him.  - Not to add injury to insult, but news broke today that Louisville football assistant Clint Hurtt would not leave for Auburn after interviewing with the national champions this week.  If there's a reason to fear a massive resurgence of the program, it's Hurtt, who serves as recruiting coordinator and holds the deep ties to South Florida that have helped the Cards pull guys out of the state.  If you missed the Kentucky Sports Radio show this morning, you missed a lot of talk about last night's game.  Matt and Zach broke it down so well, you would have thought they were being guarded by Doron Lamb.  Check out the podcast below.

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