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As noted by Matt, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure you all did different things with your day. What did I do, you ask? I was thinking about football and drove up to Commonwealth to watch the first open practicescrimmage. Few things are better for a UK fan than seeing the boys running around on a bright green CM Newton field with Joker stalking the gridiron and barking out orders. It was great. When the scrimmage started, there were plenty of pops and hits and Mike Hartline had more than enough opportunity to test out that rebuilt leg.


There were completed passes, fumbles, interceptions, and great plays from the running backs. Just about everything you could ask out of a football practice. I have to be honest, for those of you still wondering despite Kate's post yesterday, you might want to get used to the idea of Mike Hartline as your quarterback next year. I know the sample size is small, but #5 looked like the most comfortable and polished field general of the day.


Take a look at the mini photo essay below and get your juices flowing for the upcoming Blue/White game:


DSCN0172 Getting ready to explode off the line.


DSCN0170 Joker and other coaches lead the guys in stretching exercises.


DSCN0186 Running through some passing drills.


DSCN0191 Our boys line it up and get ready to start the first open scrimmage of the 2010 season.


DSCN0190 You know it is a spring practice when the refs bust out the shorts. NICE GAMS GUYS!


Ryan Mossakowski completes a pass.


I love these punt drills. Punt, try to block it, catch the ball then the special teams groups change. Players and coaches are flying all over the field. Gives a real hockey atmosphere to it.


Football season can't get here quick enough for this guy.

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