UK Football season ticket sales down 14% from 2015

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 5 years


[caption id="attachment_190420" align="alignnone" width="901"]Photo by UK Athletics Photo by UK Athletics[/caption] Given the number of close calls and heartaches in the past few seasons, I think it's safe to say the UK Football fanbase is...apprehensive about the upcoming season. That "Show Me" mentality is reflected in the season ticket sales. According to Jen Smith of the Herald-Leader, season ticket sales are down about 14% from last season.
A UK official said the school has sold 33,217 season tickets, down a little more than 5,000 tickets from the 38,658 sold for the 2015 season. Kentucky has sold about 1,000 season tickets since early July.
As Smith notes, that number doesn't include student ticket sales, 4,033 of which have been sold thus far. That's down from the 5,009 sold last season. For more details, head on over to the Herald-Leader.

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