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Looking for something exciting to happen on the field tonight? Well you are in luck.  While we can't make any promises for football (even though Matt and Drew are surprisingly optimistic), we can at least say that at least the halftime show will be trying something new and a little different: The K-Pop sensation that's sweeping at least two nations (possibly three if North Korea would ever tell us what's going on in there) is officially making its way to Commonwealth tonight for halftime against the Gamecocks. The singer, Psy, whose motto is "dress classy, dance cheesy," surely has to be excited that his creation has become an absolute phenomenon.  At least, I think he is.  It's hard to get a good read when he's distracted by Britney Spears' mannequin-like personality on Ellen. Regardless, look for the song to play during tonight's game.  It won't be the first time the dance has been performed on a football field, as Ohio University's band did something very similar last week, but it should still be an interesting distraction.  Also I don't know why Ohio University's football announcer sounds like Claptrap. If you're on campus and want to practice, feel free to find these fellas. They'll be somewhere around Willy T by the looks of it. I have no idea where they got the horse head.  Or why they put it in the video. But I'm glad it happened.

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