UK Hockey opens home games this weekend.

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Huh. Turns out there's a hockey schedule on this poster. Who knew. Remember when folks were wondering if UK's basketball team could beat the Bobcats?  Well, they didn't get the chance to try, but the UK hockey team more than made up for it last night. The hockey team plays the second half of a weekend series with Ohio University tonight, after beating the Bobcats 8-2. The Wildcats are now 2-1, after losing to Slippery Rock and beating WVU last weekend. For those of you who think that one hyper-violent sporting event isn't enough for your Saturday evenings, then UK hockey is definitely worth checking out.  Even if you never cared for hockey, or don't know the rules, or have a completely rational fear of Zambonis (they're like ice-steamrollers, man), the atmosphere alone is worthwhile for a late-night weekend event.  Check out for information on when and where the games will be. And trust me, they're worthwhile.  Essentially, it's like Mighty Ducks, but with more knucklepucks and less Emilio Estevez.  Which is another way of saying it's perfect.

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