UK Hoops Beats Auburn 65-48

Savannah Pattonover 3 years


UK Hoops got ANOTHER win tonight, beating Auburn by a whopping 17 points . It was a close game up until the fourth quarter when the Cats went up by 20 at one point. Remember that eight game losing streak? Yeah, me either. Despite the snow, Maci Morris came out hot, and by hot I mean on fire. In the first few minutes of the game, Morris scored her 1,000th point. That's a lot of points scored...what a cool moment for the Bell County native. The rest of the Wildcats did need some heating up though, and so did the Tigers. It was a slowwww game plagued with turnovers and bad shooting - not only for us, but for Auburn too. Check out the box score statistic comparison: Yikes. The only place we really shot well from was the line, but we did manage to capitalize off Auburn's turnovers - so thanks for those, Tigers. Auburn leads the SEC in free throw shooting, and we did not let them get to the line. The best part of the game? During the losing streak, the Cats fell apart in the third and fourth quarter but tonight, we went on a 24-3 run in the fourth alone. I'm not sure what Matthew Mitchell is doing but thank the higher power of your choosing that it's working! We're finally learning how to play off our opponents' weaknesses. Things are heating up y'all. Maci Morris had a big game tonight, she finished with 18 points, and made five threes.  Taylor Murray didn't get to show off tonight, only playing 12 minutes in the first half due to foul trouble. However, this didn't stop her from coming alive in the fourth. Murray finished with 14 points and five assists. Alyssa Rice also had a big game with a whopping nine rebounds and 11 points. What a game. Feel bad that you missed it? Don't! Just catch the next one! Trust me, you wanna see this team play right now. The Cats take on LSU in RUPP ARENA at noon on Sunday. Come out before the super bowl!  

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