UK Hoops beats LSU, 49-47

UK Hoops beats LSU, 49-47

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 10 years


ukhoopspink Pink is my favorite crayon Clad in all-pink uniforms for the WBCA Pink Zone game (pink zone? ugh), the UK women's team survived a sloppy performance to pull out a win vs. LSU, 49-47. Both teams looked bad, committing more turnovers than field goals for most of the game. The score was gridlocked at 47 until an LSU turnover with 21 seconds left gave the ladies an opportunity for the last shot. A'dia Mathies expertly drew the double team and fed the ball to Brittany Henderson down low, who laid it up for the game-winning basket at the buzzer. It sure wasn't pretty, but, a win is a win, and that's more than we can say for the gentlemen this weekend. You go, girls.

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