UK hoping that succession leads to seamless transition

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It's a very slow news day in the Bluegrass because, apparently, there is some bad weather or something?  I'm not sure.  Everything seems fine here in Tampa.  Anyway, Rivals took a look at how some football programs (including Kentucky) already have a coach-in-waiting and how they are allowing them to keep the momentum moving as a coaching change takes place.  For Kentucky, the biggest advantage is not allowing opponents using Rich Brooks' age against them on the recruiting trail according to Joker Phillips. Personally, I think naming the next head coach before it's time to transition is a pretty terrible idea.  I am not trying to reflect negatively on Joker's ability to lead the team, but it seems a little strange to me to predict where you'll be in a few years and try to make the decision in advance.  Let's just look at it hypothetically:  If Kentucky tanks for two season, do you really want a guy who was a part of the problem in charge?  Or, on the flip side, if they  get a couple of upsets and the defense carries them to a number of big victories and the top-25, wouldn't you think you could land a more accomplished coach?  I'm sure Kevin O'Neill (U. of Arizona), Gregg Williams (Washington Redskins) or Donn Nelson (Dallas Mavericks) might tend to agree with me. Anyway, I'm sure Joker will be just fine, but it's just something to debate on a slow day.

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