UK Legends Game: Mock Draft
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UK Legends Game: Mock Draft

In looking ahead to the UK Legends Game next week in Rupp Arena, we thought it would be fun to hold a mock draft of the 20 confirmed participants for the game. We were each assigned to a team (Tyler picking for Blue, Drew picking for White) and a coin flip determined the first overall pick, which went to Tyler and the Blue team. Selections were then rotated back and forth from there. Read each pick (1-20) and then place your vote for the better team at the bottom of the page.   Blue Team, you are on the clock...  

1. Heshimu Evans, Blue Team

Tyler: Heshimu Evans may be 42 years old, but he was still playing professional ball as recently as 2013, which is more than 98% of the players on this list can say.

2. Julius Mays, White Team

Drew: I have no idea what Julius Mays is doing these days. I originally thought he was playing pro ball somewhere; turns out, he is not. I'll still gamble on the fact he is in good shape though, considering he is only three years removed from retirement. Plus he shot 39.5 percent from three-point range in Rupp Arena, and the long-ball will decide this game.

3. Cliff Hawkins, Blue Team

Tyler: A good team needs a good point guard, and Hawkins is my favorite of the bunch. As far as I can tell, his playing career ended overseas in 2012; here's hoping he can still ball.

4. Ravi Moss, White Team

Drew: I'm getting away with robbery here picking up Moss at No. 4 in the draft. I would've considered him at No. 1 overall had the ping-pong balls bounced my way, and you're telling me he slipped to fourth? What a steal! MVP candidate right here.

5. Shagari Alleyne, Blue Team

Tyler: Shagari is in his 30s now, but he's still 7-feet tall and thanks to his salsa career, his footwork is better than ever:

6. Jarrod Polson, White Team

Drew: We're handing the keys over to Polson as our staring point guard. As was the case with Moss, I see this as a steal given the position in the draft. Polson was the top PG on our big board and we got him. Last time I saw him (Fayette Mall food court, couple months ago) he looked to be just as game-ready as he was during the 2014 Final Four run.

7. Perry Stevenson, Blue Team

Tyler: If only to see him flex those bones again.

8. Bobby Perry, White Team

Drew: Our front office was worried about Perry's focus and commitment to basketball, but we're taking a chance here despite him spending way too much time on the golf course these days. If we can get him to put the sand wedge down, we think he's in good shape for 32 and can still play both forward positions.

9. Jeff Sheppard, Blue Team

Tyler: Crap, I really need another guard. I'll take Jeff Sheppard, because even at 42, I bet he's still a pretty good shooter.

10. Andre Riddick, White Team

Drew: SLEEPER PICK! If you're a casual fan, yeah, you're thinking Riddick is old and out of shape because it's been over two decades since he left UK. But do a little research and you'll find Riddick played professionally up until a couple years ago and he is the ULEB Cup's all-time leader for rebounds, steals and blocks. And he's down to throw hands if any of the opposing legends want to mix it up like Rasheed did back in '95.

11. Marquis Estill, Blue Team

Tyler: The 6'9" Estill still holds the Kentucky record for field goal shooting percentage (60%). I'll take that any day.

12. Jon Hood, White Team

Drew: Hoody still available at No. 12? No brainer here. He has title experience and he's only been married a couple weeks so he probably hasn't let himself go yet. He could be the Draymond Green of this draft.

13. Lukasz Obrzut, Blue Team

Tyler: Woo, just remember it was me that drafted you and not Drew.
[White Team offers remaining four picks for rights to Lukasz Obrzut.] [Trade declined.]  [White Team offers remaining four picks and cash considerations for rights to Lukasz Obrzut.] [Trade declined.]  [Drew texts Obrzut, begs him to pull a Kobe and refuse to play for Blue Team. White Team then offers remaining four picks plus first picks in 2018, 2019 and 2020 UK legends drafts for rights to Lukasz Obrzut.] [Trade declined.]  (First reported by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski)

14. Jared Prickett, White Team

Drew: We now have the CEO of the KBA, which means we have our own practice facility. It doesn't hurt that he was an All-NCAA Regional and All-SEC Tournament selection, as well as one of the best rebounders in school history.

15. Goose Givens, Blue Team

Tyler: Goose is the youngest looking 60-year-old I've ever seen, and my team of giants needs some more scoring.

16. Jared Carter, White Team

Drew: Carter is our counter to Shagari Alleyne and Lukasz Obrzut. Our only concern is we now have three Jared/Jarrods on the team.

17. Kyle Macy, Blue Team

Tyler: I'm really digging the 60-year-olds on my squad. Did you see Macy's moves in the Kentucky Bank Tennis Championships last month?

18. Kenny Walker, White Team

Drew: I don't see any Slam Dunk champions on the other team.

19. Dale Brown, Blue Team

Tyler: Dale Brown may be approaching 50, but I bet the head coach at Eminence still has some moves.

20. Kevin Grevey, White Team

Drew: Remember, Isaiah Thomas was the last pick in the 2011 NBA draft and he was a finalist for the MVP award this past season.

Which is the better team?



Cliff Hawkins Jarrod Polson
Jeff Sheppard Julius Mays
Heshimu Evans Ravi Moss
Perry Stevenson Bobby Perry
Shagari Alleyne Andre Riddick
Marquis Estill Jon Hood
Lukasz Obrzut Jared Prickett
Goose Givens Jared Carter
Kyle Macy Kenny Walker
Dale Brown Kevin Grevey

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