UK Looking For A God-Send?

Dustin Rumbaughover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
It might not be time for you Erupption Zoners to start writing up the posters boards yet (Moses' 1st Commandment: Not in My House), but you may want to start brushing up on your bible knowledge and biblical quips. I've received a few questions for more information on a Mr. Moses Abraham, so I thought I'd take this Ash Wednesday and address the man named after not one but two biblical juggernauts (that's assuming his middle name isn't Solomon or Job). Moses Abraham (2010) Position: Center Height: 6'9" Weight: 235 lbs High School: Progressive Christian Academy (Originally from Nigeria) Moses seems to fall in line with another guy that UK has scouted this season, Gorgui Dieng. That's not because of his foreign origins but because both are tall, lengthy prospects that specialize in being defensive erasers around the basket. Both Dieng and Abraham have had comments made about their early "good feel" for the game and the upside in potential they bring with them. At this point, UK hasn't offered a scholarship to Abraham and it doesn't look like one is coming anytime soon.  It is important to note that UK seems to have at least a tiny bit of desire to find a Jarvis Varnado-esque defensive stopper. The upside that a kid like Dieng or Abraham bring to the table is also very intriguing, especially for a coach like Calipari who could help them maximize that potential. For those wanting to know what is going on with Abraham at this point, is always one of the best places to get information on deez daggum for-ners. Scout says that Arizona State, Tennessee, Seton Hall and Rutgers are on the early visit list and Georgetown has been heavily involved since the moment he arrived. His offer list has Florida, Georgetown, Tennessee and Maryland among others. So, to answer the questions, Abraham is a kid to keep an eye on but hasn't yet reached the point with Kentucky where the interest has peaked. Watch him and follow him, but just don't do so religiously...yet.

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