UK needs to make that Thursday night opener happen

UK needs to make that Thursday night opener happen

Drew Franklinover 5 years


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There is talk of potentially moving Kentucky's 2016 home football opener to Thursday night for the entire world to see. Problem is, that's not easy to do, logistically. Commonwealth Stadium provides the parking for many students and employees, and being a weeknight, it's a real hassle to get those cars moved elsewhere to open things up for tailgaters and the game crowd. So, parking is one of the big complications -- at least that's the word on the street, literally. But that hassle is worth it. It was worth it last season when the Cats hosted Auburn on Thursday night, and it will be worth it again to kick off the upcoming season. Is it easy to pull off? Not at all. But it can, and should, be done. Here's why...   Exposure College football fans will watch anything on the Thursday leading up to the first Saturday of the season. Fans are so hungry for football to be back, they will watch anyone. Kentucky and Southern Miss could be those anyones. It'd bring a lot of new eyeballs the game wouldn't get on Saturday. It frees up Labor Day Weekend We all love a good Saturday at Commonwealth Stadium, but the idea of being home on the couch for the first big day of college football doesn't sound too bad. We get our game out of the way, then have the entire three-day weekend to do whatever else; whether that be watching endless hours of other football, going to the lake, playing golf, etc. Not to mention: Red, White and Boom in Lexington, which, from what I'm hearing, will steal some of the football fans that usually go to all UK home games. It's a reason to take off from work This one isn't for everyone, certainly not us here at KSR. But for those who can do it, all day tailgating when you should be at the office? Yes please. Two extra days to prepare for Florida It's been approximately 908 years since Kentucky's last win against Florida in football. At this point in the embarrassing streak of butt-whoopins, we'll take any advantage we can get going into that game. Getting Southern Miss out of the way on Thursday allows Mark Stoops and his staff more time to prepare for the Gators the following week. And Lord knows they'll need it.   And to the people who say it's tough to make it to Lexington on a Thursday, we get it. We understand. But you'll figure it out. You can do anything you set your mind to. Always remember that.

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